Kingdom Hearts 3D or Theatrhythm FF?

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User Info: TanyaGD

4 years ago#1
Which game?! - Results (136 votes)
Kingdom Hearts 3D
58.09% (79 votes)
Theatrhythm FF
41.91% (57 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm torn >_< I like kingdom hearts, but I already spoiled the ending for myself because I never thought I would get a 3DS. Tried the demo, and I liked it. But I didn't quite get how what your dream monsters do besides them being your teammates.

And I also tried the demo for the FF and I really liked that one too! and the retail version has over 70 tracks? Oh whaaaaaaaaaaat!

People of this board, pick for me.
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User Info: Emeraldrox

4 years ago#2
Can't pick. Both are great. Theatrhythm has more replayability though
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User Info: Darth Rustito

Darth Rustito
4 years ago#3
If you're any kind of fan of Nobuo Uematsu and Final Fantasy music, get Theatrhythm.
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User Info: ScareCrow361

4 years ago#4
my vote goes to theatrhythm ff. Why? Because I never played a ff or rhythm game before and loved it!

User Info: TanyaGD

4 years ago#5
3 people have posted, but so far the poll is split. 30 more votes and the decision will be made! AH!
I'm a guy. PSN= ss1006
Black 2 FC: 0777-2155-1737

User Info: BlackPhoenix127

4 years ago#6
If you're a fan of both series then get both. Kingdom Hearts is fun but I think it goes by a bit too quickly. On the other hand there is a fun little mini-game and the dream eaters make for some fun pokemon esque times.

Theatrhyhtm is pretty amazing considering this could have been a very lazy game. The only thing that brings this game down for me is that not every track has a playable form. Some are just opening and closing themes. It's not too bad for the older tracks. But when ones like Eyes on Me and Zanarkand aren't playable is pretty lame. Even so, there are a ton of great tracks to play and enjoy, characters to unlock, etc. There are even quite a lot of cheap DLC songs for all of the games too.
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User Info: Zendaik

4 years ago#7
There's more to KH 3D than its ending. As for the Dream Eaters, they give you skills as well as being your teammates.

I'd say it comes down more to whether you want an action RPG, or a rhythm game. I'll take KH 3D every time.
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User Info: Limen123

4 years ago#8
If you're limited on money right now, go for Theatrhythm first. It has more replayability and it's pretty addicting trying to unlock everything. Get KH when you get the money.

Also, the teammates are your key to unlocking commands and abilities, basically. They have a grid which as you progress with a certain Dream Eater, obtains more points to use on the grid. And when unlocking a Command, you keep it forever. However, blue abilities like HP Boost, Attack Boost, etc are tied to the DE. So if you replace that DE with another, you no longer have that ability. Others like Leaf Bracer and Combo Plus are permanent though.

User Info: Kikuichimonji

4 years ago#9
Even though the posts are leaning towards TFF, the votes are in favor of KH3D. I'm wondering whether if majority of those KH3 voters even played TFF or are into rhythm games at all like TC is. If not, then the vote counts shouldn't mean much to him.
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User Info: Jumpluff

4 years ago#10
I'd say Final Fantasy, because it has more replayability.
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