For those of you that have upgraded to a different 3DS

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User Info: blackweasel30

4 years ago#1
Did you keep or sell your old 3DS? If you kept it, why? If you sold it, where at and for how much? Is there any reason or incentive to keep an older 3DS?
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User Info: necxv17

4 years ago#2

User Info: foxizard

4 years ago#3
I have had 4, I have 3 now.

I got one the Japanese Aqua Blue 3DS launch and then got the Japanese "Fire Emblem" special edition one. Eventually the 3DS LL came out so I got my 3DS LL. I then sold my Aqua Blue one.

I kept the Fire Emblem one because of it being a special edition one.

Eventually I upgraded to a new color 3DS LL (A new color came out and mine got scratched really bad and I still wanted an LL). I kept the old 3DS LL because my fiance can use to to play games that are "Download Play" enabled. He also likes the size and buttons on the 3DS LL opposed to the original one.
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User Info: Xxerran

4 years ago#4
I kept it, Limited Edition Zelda 3DS.
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User Info: 656stooge

4 years ago#5
Traded mine in for an XL and a copy of Kid Icarus. Cost me an extra $80 AUS, but the game alone was going for $60 at the time.
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User Info: Cloudisthebest

4 years ago#6
Got an Ambassador 3DS. Sold it a few weeks ago to help for an XL.
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User Info: S Forgel

S Forgel
4 years ago#7
I recently sold my 2/2012 3DS so I could upgrade to a 3DS XL.

Saved money every time:

2/2012 - Bought a Aqua Blue 3DS at a Best Buy store for $149.99 when Nintendo gave Gamestop the go-ahead to sell 3DS systems for a temporary sale price to compete with the soon-to-be-released (back then) PS Vita. Paid about $80 out of pocket to get it after trading in some games that I received as compensation for a focus group about Crysis 3.

Along with the 3DS, I bought some protective accessories for it such as Ghost Armor brand screen protectors ($20), a Decal Girl system skin ($18), a (now hard to find) Case Logic Charger Grip ($20), a set of crystal armor to protect the top half of the 3DS ($6) and eventually the Gamestop Exclusive 3DS Circle Pad Pro ($22) to top everything off.

The system served me very well for over a year before I finally decided it was time to upgrade to the 3DS XL.

3/2013 - Target had a really good sale price on all 3DS XL systems for $159.99 + tax so I got Best Buy to once again price match Target's sale price.

The icing on the cake and the deal maker was when Nintendo offered a free download of a game with the purchase of a 3DS XL and either Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Luigi's Mansion 2.

I ended up selling the original 3DS with all that extra stuff for $175 on ebay, so I'm really only paying for all of the extra stuff that I'm buying for the 3DS XL which is exactly the same setup I did for the original 3DS.

I'm glad I upgraded. I love the bigger screens. Makes playing games like Resident Evil: Revelations easier on the eyes.

They could have made the 3DS XL Circle Pad Pro a bit beefier in terms of the grip though....
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User Info: bb0x

4 years ago#8
I got the original 3ds from launch, a blue/green one.

I tend not to "upgrade" a console unless it literally breaks or stops functioning.
Like my DS "phat", its touchscreen stopped functioning so I had to get a DS lite.
I still have both. I dont sell my consoles, nor do I trade them in,
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User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#9
I never understood why people need to own like 5 versions of a system.

If I want to upgrade (which I did), I first confirm that I can sell my old system.

User Info: DeSilent1

4 years ago#10
Kept my old Aqua Blue 3DS for streetpass purposes.
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