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User Info: kerafnoob

4 years ago#1
I would like to have some game recommendations.
I have noticed something rather odd, the last game I bought for my 3Ds was Mario Kart 7. Since this release I have not found any game that caught my attention, but people claim over and over again the library of the 3Ds is great.
Game types I like: Beat em ups, Fighting Games, 3D RPGs and Hack and Slays

Games I own: Mario Kart 7 (just for nostalgic reasons), Mario 3D , Dead Or Alive Dimensions , Samurai Warriors and Tales of Abyss.

I followed the scene quite closely, but did I miss anything special in those categories, which is worth buying ? I bought quite a few games for other consoles in the last few months but my 3Ds is collecting Dust.

For your information I am in the EU, so I cant play games which were not released here.

If you could help me with some recommendations , I would be grateful

User Info: kerafnoob

4 years ago#2
correcting myself Tales was the last game

User Info: Zappmaster

4 years ago#3
Fire Emblem: Awakening for sure

User Info: druskie

4 years ago#4
kid icarus uprising
Remember me (It's the name of a PS3 Game) Preordered ;)

User Info: anonymousicko

4 years ago#5
Legend of Zelda OoT
Fire Emblem Awakening
Theathrythm Final Fantasy
Kingdom Hearts DDD
Metal Gear Solid - Snake Eater 3D
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

You have to atleast have one of these.

For a light-hearted game:

Super Mario 3D Land
Luigi's Mansion 2
"Insecure is a sign of immaturity" -

User Info: anonymousicko

4 years ago#6
oh you can have Super Street Fighter IV 3D for £6-8 cheap. It's a great fighting game on 3DS, overlooked for it's cheapness
"Insecure is a sign of immaturity" -

User Info: combatbear82

4 years ago#7
I was on the same boat, so I ended up bying a bunch of good older games to catch up.
Rayman 3d $10 or less ( if u played this before don't get)
Shinobi $5 great challenge and solid game
Pac & Gal dimensions $5 ( both original games are still addicting plus 4 other spin offs with online ranking system
Luigis Mansion 2( I haven't played it but looks excellent and fun
SSF4 IMO best righter on 3ds and its under $10.
Ridge Racer $10 gamestop ( cheaper than online for now)

If you want a larger library of solid games go with the cheaper games if u want fewer new games
There's a bunch of those too. Sry but I have to cut short have to cook. Hopefully my short list was helpful
XBL- Combatbear82
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