When did you first know you were a handheld gamer?

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User Info: srsgamer87

4 years ago#1
For it was when I was 12. I was over to a friends house with a few others and one of them said we should play Call of Duty. Everyone rushed downstairs except for me and another guy. We talked for a bit and quickly connected. As it turns out we were both into handheld gaming, not console gaming. We knew we were in the minority so it felt extra special. We found an empty room and played there.

What about you?

User Info: toadieman

4 years ago#2
When all the good RPGs shifted from console to handhelds.

User Info: combatbear82

4 years ago#3
When I was 7 wmin 1989 when the original Gameboy came out. Me being in the military and always on the go was the icing on the cake as far as reasons to continue to be a portable gamer.
I also play a lot at home
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User Info: yankee6903

4 years ago#4
36 when I got my first handheld ever..the Vita!

Started playing it more than my consoles and was enjoying it so much I bought a 3DS.
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User Info: retrogamer28

4 years ago#5
Around a month or two after we got our Wii and stopped playing it regularly. Mario Kart Wii is still fun in multiplayer though, and finishing up Galaxy.

User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#6
At the beginning of the DS/PSP/360/PS3/Wii generation.

Until then, I'd played a lot of handheld games, but I had played a lot more consoles (on my GC, N64, PS2, etc.)

I had gotten a 360 near launch, but I didn't play much on it. Just DoA4, FFXI, and much later, Eternal Sonata and Tales of Vesperia. Wii was a total joke, though I had bought it just for SSBB. Never really had a major desire for the PS3.

Meanwhile, on the handheld side, I got a DS and PSP, both on launch date, played the hell out of them (and to this day, I still do,) and over the years, I've played and enjoyed more DS and PSP games than on all of the home consoles combined. Hell, probably 10x as many.

The Wii U, PS4, and new Xbox haven't really convinced me to go back to home consoles, though SMT x FE is very tempting. Meanwhile, the 3DS is getting flooded with good games, and the Vita....well, at least it has Disgaea 3.
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User Info: crispyo

4 years ago#7
In 1994 when my dad brought me back a red gameboy from a trip to hong kong. I was 4
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User Info: ACx7

4 years ago#8
Age 9. Pokemon Red/Blue. I didn't have my own GameBoy until the year later when I got the Pikachu GBC and Pokemon Yellow bundle. Up until then I just played the occasional console game.

User Info: tranceaddict19

4 years ago#9
The day I bought a all white DS lite and told my GF I liked it more than her, we broke up
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User Info: Kinneth123

4 years ago#10
When my GameBoy saw more use than my PS1.

Then my PS1 got stolen.
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