So really is tales of the abyss all that?

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  3. So really is tales of the abyss all that?

User Info: pikachupwnage

4 years ago#1
I always heard people gushing about it that its long after release how is it?

Its 29.99$ with free shipping on amazon...
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User Info: melchiahdim

4 years ago#2
It's a decent RPG, about midrange quality in my opinion. A good game, but I've played better. My wife loved it, and she put in 70 hours.
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User Info: muffinmasher

4 years ago#3
My first ever playthrough, I put in almost 60 hours, and when I finished, I realized I had missed almost all of the sidequests.
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User Info: mahgah91

4 years ago#4
It's the only Tales game I've ever liked. From Tales of Phantasia to Symphonia to Vesperia (although I did kinda like Vesperia), Abyss is the only Tales game that hasn't had me constantly cringing from a bubbly, stereotypical anime plot (although it still is that).

User Info: lunchEATSyou

4 years ago#5
I'm on my second play through with over 210 hours on it... So you can guess what I think of that game
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User Info: teh1337gosu

4 years ago#6
and more
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User Info: ScarletWarrior

4 years ago#7
I haven't really seen people giving it tons of praise, but it is a good game for sure especially since we don't have too many rpgs on 3DS yet.

The side quests are really out of the way though, for sure.

User Info: HikariX9

4 years ago#8
A lot of effort was put into the game. All main cutscenes fully voiced, 50-60 hour main story, lots of skills and artes to learn, and a ton of sidequests.

User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#9
the game is like any other tales game, i.e. average.

i wish for more 2D tales of games, but they apparently never localised one of the best they made on the DS, its sad.
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User Info: Kinneth123

4 years ago#10
Some of the sidequests are completely Guide-Needing, but it's a decent game and the characters are well-developed.

To me at times it felt like playing an anime.
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