Anyone losing interest in consoles but not handhelds?

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User Info: moogle69

4 years ago#41
the Wii U is the last console i buy, only bought it because i wanted a nintendo console, never had one before and im not disappointed with it, but i hardly play it either, same with the PS3 havn't touched it after buying it a few months ago, and only played it 6-8 times, this was only as long as the hype last it, learned my lesson, never touching another console ever again.

too much money wasted.
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User Info: Juhanor

4 years ago#42
Though I've played console games for the majority of the last five or six years, I feel that Western and Western-style developers are starting to flounder along with their series. They seem to be broadening their horizons in a horrible way, focusing on money over quality, mass appeal over niche titles, and adding multiplayer where it isn't needed. With some of the stuff I've heard about the next gen of consoles, Microsoft (and to a lesser extent, Sony) seem to be doing their best to alienate the single-player-off-line guy like me.

After getting MH3U for my recently-purchased-but-not-used-that-much XL, I realized that handhelds are probably going to be the last bastion of excellent video games, so yeah, I'm sticking with 'em now and in the near future.

User Info: NovaCast

4 years ago#43
the only console i used to play frequently was a n64 back in the 90's and early 2000's , and then a ps2 ( not as much as a n64).

After the launch of the ds and psp systems i pretty much stopped buying or playing consoles. Even when i had a ps2 i mostly played my gba more than it.

i just like handhelds better than consoles mostly because i don't like looking at a large screen when playing video games or being grounded to a specific location. Back when i was younger i had a small room so to save space i had to unhook and hook up the console i would play. That was inconvenient so rather than do that i just popped in some batteries in handhelds and played that.

So based on that i never really had too much of an interest for consoles, i did enjoy things like the snes, n64 and ps2 though, however most of my play time was on handhelds.

To be honest one of the many reasons i don't bother with modern consoles is the games, they are just not what they used to be i just enjoy playing older systems more because i have a huge backlog i never played.

Besides it seems like half the crap modern handhelds, and consoles have are remakes and ports. I mean god dam how many times can mario be remade, i just despise Mario games now. Is there even a mario game on the 3ds that is totally new and not just a port, remastered or remake?

I was excited to hear of another zelda game coming out for the 3ds then when i hear its a dam hd remake ( maybe i am misinformed about this part?) of the 20 year old game released for the snes and then again for the gba...

This is the problem with today, companies lacking new initiative to make NEW games. Yes there are some new games however there is a large amount of ports, hd remakes, remasters. I own a ps vita a modern handheld system and dam its near disappointing but at the moment it seems this is all this system is ( a port/remake player).

User Info: Milennin

4 years ago#44
I grew up with console (Sega), picked up handheld (GBC + GBA) later. Liked playing both console (NGC) and handheld (DS) years later. After the NGC died, I lost all interest in console gaming, but I still like handheld gaming.
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User Info: IHeartMetroid

4 years ago#45
I bought an original DS when it came out. Over the years my game stock built up, and classics like Trace Memory, Hotel Dusk and the Etrian Odyssey series kept me going, especially since I commute long distances via transit every day.

My handhelds get beat up pretty badly, always going out with me.

My consoles are given a dust-free, open-air platform under the TV. I clean it every day, and am very careful not to let anything obstruct any of the air vents.

And yet...

I bought a PS2. It broke. Disc Read Errors.

I bought a PS3. It broke. Yellow Light of Death at bootup.

I bought a Wii. It broke- black screen errors while playing Zelda: SS.

I bought an XBox 360. It broke- Red Ring of Death.

And my DS, DS Lite, 3DS and PSP are still working perfectly to this day.

I guess my point- it's kinda hard for me to get excited about console games when the damn stupid things keep breaking down because they're shoddily made $300 pieces of junk, while my handhelds survive hell and back with barely a shrug.
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