How many people actually wait for certain colors before buying a handheld?

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  3. How many people actually wait for certain colors before buying a handheld?

User Info: Tempest717

4 years ago#11
For a first generation handheld no, but I won't upgrade until they release a 3DSXL color I want.
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User Info: Limen123

4 years ago#12
I was waiting for a bit, but couldn't any longer and decided to go for a red one. Then purple came out right afterward and I was a bit disappointed. And then the XL and I was even more disappointed.

User Info: Starwars4J

4 years ago#13
A new system? No. A revision? Yes.
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User Info: ChiefDamonGant

4 years ago#14
I usually just make the best choice out of all the options available when I have the means to buy the system.

I do admit I kinda wish I had waited for a white-interior XL because it looks so neat, but I greatly enjoy my red XL and have decorated it with a sticker to match my tastes.
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User Info: Abiz_

4 years ago#15
I just ordered a 3ds xl blue/black. While I would want a black version instead. I'm not willing to wait for nintendo to release it. So not me.
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User Info: SS4kronos33

4 years ago#16
i do but it depends on the color.with my ds it was a fluke because i was walking home and found a walmart black friday ad that showed the collectors edition zelda. otherwise i was going to wait.glad i didnt because of the prices going up on zelda 3ds i was just fooling around on amazon and decided to see if there was a zelda 3ds bundle because it wasnt in stores in my town and BAM there it was listed on i bought it.

my DSi is the 25th anniversary mario one with mario kart ds bundled with it so its still for the 3DS XL if they make a green one for this year of luigi promo they got going on i will probably buy that unless they release a gold zelda 3DS XL.then i will get both and maybe a extra green one or some other color if they release it to be my main 3DS XL.the same for my regular 3ds and ds.
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User Info: bcornelia

4 years ago#17
I waited to buy the original 3DS until OoT3D came out, and luckily black was a launch color.

Which was great since the blue 3DS looked ugly.
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User Info: SaraAB87

4 years ago#18
It depends on the price for me, if I have to pay more to get a certain color, then definitely not. Its not worth paying $30-50 to have the color I want. If I am getting a great deal on a system I will take any color. Chances are I am not buying a system unless its a great deal, so my picks are usually based on price alone. I bought a red 3DS for $99 at Sears on clearance, I am more than happy.
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User Info: Banjo2553

4 years ago#19
My major reason for not getting a 3DS at launch (even though I was interested in it) was because I didn't like the starting colors. Once Fire Red came out, it looked interesting, so I took it.

I don't know how long it'll be until we get a Forest Green color though, that'd be a nice-looking color.
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User Info: Nintenbro

4 years ago#20
I purchased a Flame Red 3DS, just a couple of weeks before Nintendo announced the XL. I still haven't bought an XL yet, because I'm waiting for the all-black system to become available in North America. It's the only one that I think looks attractive. In my opinion, the blue/red & black XL systems look like cheap, little kid's toys. :D
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