Do you have any limited edition 3DSes?

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User Info: Sakurafanboy

4 years ago#1
Do you got any? - Results (176 votes)
Yes, I have the Zelda 3DS.
17.61% (31 votes)
Yes, I have the Fire Emblem 3DS.
7.39% (13 votes)
Yes, I have the Pikachu 3DS XL.
25% (44 votes)
No, but I plan to get one soon.
7.95% (14 votes)
No, I already have a 3DS/XL and don't care for limited editions.
34.09% (60 votes)
No, I couldn't afford any/couldn't find any.
6.82% (12 votes)
No, I have no interest in 3DS right now.
1.14% (2 votes)
This poll is now closed.
For me I got the Pikachu 3DS XL and have the Animal Crossing 3DS XL pre-ordered.
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User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#2
i dont have a limited edition 3DS, but i have a limited edition 3DS games, i have the Mark of Mastery edition of Kingdom Hearts DDD
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User Info: spooky96

4 years ago#3
No, I already have a 3DS/XL and don't care for limited editions.

This should break more than 50%.
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User Info: Limen123

4 years ago#4
I was gonna get the Zelda one but I was too late. And I wanted the FE one but didn't think they're bring it over so I got a regular Flame Red 3DS shortly before the announcement of the limited edition. >__>

Edit: Actually, I didn't want the FE 3DS more so than I wanted that dark blue color, which was released in the US sometime after E3, wasn't it?

User Info: mcsmellington

4 years ago#5
Why would you need more than one?

I've got the AC per-ordered, might cancel though. Not sure if I really want a handheld again after all.
GT: McPoo
PSN/NNID: McSmellington

User Info: poopfeasts420

4 years ago#6
Fire Emblem and Pikachu

User Info: DeathSnipe777

4 years ago#7
I have a Pikachu 3DS XL that I'm using.

I had an original Zelda 3DS sealed in the box, but I sold it for good money.
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User Info: JoeHigashi2000

4 years ago#8
Zelda 3DS and Pikachu XL. As well as an aqua blue 3DS and a Blue XL.
GT: J03HIG45HI PS3/Vita: JoeHigashi2000 3DS: 0817-3804-7210

User Info: Wallydraigle

4 years ago#9
I bought a pikachu one just to sell later for outrageous profit.
Always interested in any Pokemon event distribution cartridges. My email is in my profile.

User Info: 01Philip01

4 years ago#10
Got the AC 3DS XL on preorder.
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