Which major Mario title is worth getting?

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User Info: CircleOfManias

4 years ago#51
Benzychenz posted...
From: confettistorm | #009
Super Mario 3D Land: 25 hours

Fire Emblem Awakening: 270 hours (and still going)
Etrian Odyssey 4: 190 hours

The choice is obvious!

Super Mario 3D Land because a non turbo virgin can actually finish everything in it?

I thought the purpose of CE was to contain s***posting like that so it doesn't leak out and infect the other boards.
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User Info: SMASHKING84

4 years ago#52
Delirious_Beard posted...
SMASHKING84 posted...
Delirious_Beard posted...
Imo, none of them are really "must-haves".

NSMB2 is obviously awful, Sticker Star is incredibly average, 3D Land is uninspired and phoned-in, and Mario Kart is...Mario Kart.

Smart move picking up Luigi's Mansion though. It's far better than any of those 4 games.

because luigi's mansion is hard?
seriously lm bored me to tears. idc how innovative or hard the game is it's not fun.

If you were any other poster I might care what you have to say.

seriously man it shouldn't matter who i am at least i'm not the one who praises bad games because there hard or innovative

and i'm not a troll i'm just a person who's sick of saying hard and innovative is all that matters.
that's not a troll thing to say.
these are the words of f***ing jim sterling.
is jim sterling a troll?
(seriously look up "dumbing it down for the filthy casuals" and "innovation:gaming's snake oil")

You want to claim i'm not saying the same thing as him?
that's why they call it a paraphrase.
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User Info: Sad_Face

4 years ago#53
From: MrSpacelySlate | #033
That is one of the biggest loads of BS I've read here, and I have seen a lot of BS.

*relooks at post*

Maybe I should rephrase, yes I'm disappointed with the lack of missions, but I enjoyed the game and all of its components enough to say it was worth the $40 I spent. Happy?

From: iMURDAu | #034
I'm betting Sad_Face quit playing 3D Land instead of going through the special worlds.

I was so damn tempted to. But I only kept going on since everyone raved about how the special worlds were sooooo amazing and sooooo creative. That's the last time I listen you guys on a platformer game, or rather, next time, I'm going to inquire these people's credentials on platformers. Did they play SMW? DKC2? Yoshi's Island? 3D Land can't and will never compare to those masterpieces there... Ever!

User Info: wiiking96

4 years ago#54
JoeBudden42 posted...
Paper Mario: Sticker Star: Really really great game. Don't believe the haters.

It's objectively flawed on a lot of levels. The battle system is shallow, unrewarding and repetitive. The puzzles are weak at best. The world and characters are pathetic.
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User Info: StarmanJunior

4 years ago#55
New Super Mario Bros. 2 is pretty inexcusably bad, essentially cosmetically the same as its predecessor with no original music, bosses, or ideas. It's not terrible, but Nintendo clearly screwed the pooch whilest making it.

Sticker Star, while not horrible either, is extremely flawed, and has no business being an RPG. Some of the puzzles were fun, but overall, it was horribly stagnant, and not charming at all considering its predecessors, which were all, IMO, amazing.

Mario Kart 7 is fun, but suffers an identity crisis. It is too similar to DS and Wii versions, and I found the tracks to be less memorable than the other two. Online play is fun, and it's a pretty good game, but like I said, not exactly fresh.

Super Mario 3D Land would probably be the best choice. While not perfect, it is fun to platform level to level in 3D, and the Bowser battles are extremely epic. However, it is way to short, which I found to be a bit of a downer.
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User Info: flipzas

4 years ago#56
KaiRyusaki posted...
Mario Kart 7 if you want to race
3DLand if you want to platform

Paper Mario if you hate yourself into pieces

NSMB2 if you enjoy the taste of poop in your coffee

This, word by word.
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