Rating the Mario RPGs - Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

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User Info: AceMos

4 years ago#11
10/10 my fave mario rpg of them all
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User Info: GoldenJoe24

4 years ago#12
It's decent, and it certainly has a stand out moment or two (looking at you awesome castle fight), but overall the game just plays things so sickeningly safe that there's nothing at all to say about it. It's the RPG equivalent of NSMB.

It does, however, lose major points for its criminal waste of Fawful as the main villain. Unbelievable waste of potential.

User Info: ValorZrayk

4 years ago#13
wiiking96 posted...
And I'm getting tired of finding the average scores; someone else can do the others if they want.

I'm doing a rate the Final Fantasy game series of polls on the FF15 boards, and yeah finding the averages gets cumbersome after a while, so I wrote a program to find it for me.

n1=int(input("Enter number of 1's"))
n2=int(input("Enter number of 2's"))
n3=int(input("Enter number of 3's"))
n4=int(input("Enter number of 4's"))
n5=int(input("Enter number of 5's"))
n6=int(input("Enter number of 6's"))
n7=int(input("Enter number of 7's"))
n8=int(input("Enter number of 8's"))
n9=int(input("Enter number of 9's"))
n10=int(input("Enter number of 10's"))
print('The average is', avg)

That uses the python language which is free to download (http://www.python.org/download/), so just download python, copy paste.that code, and click run. I'll try to stay around this thread for a day if you have questions, but I'm going to be busy, so no promises.

Note: This
and this
should be one line in python, but it doesn't fit in gamefaqs, so I had to split it into two lines when I posted it here.
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#14

As an original game, I'd say it's pretty da** awesome. As a Mario game, I'm disappointed. It does improve over Partners in Time, but that ain't saying a lot and neither of them are half as good as Superstar Saga.

Being able to explore Bowser's body looked like a great idea on paper, but the overreliance on forced mini games and tedious puzzling really hurt the charm of it, not to mention that half of the areas are only visited once. Mini games can be fun once in a while, but if I ever wanted to play a game that forces mini games into your face every minute or two, I'd rather play Mario Party instead of this.

Speaking of Bowser, playing as him was fun in SMRPG and SPM, but he is incredibly overpowered in this game that he isn't fun to play with. He could pwn enemies with zero effort and even the final bosses don't even try to punch him. Being overpowered is in Bowser's nature and I respect it, but in terms of the game itself, there lies a problem. I'll remember him for his dialogue and Giant Battles, though.

As for the Bros, even though the battle system for Mario & Luigi has been vastly improved from PiT, it still isn't as deep as Superstar Saga's battles. The bros still have the exact same attacks, exact same traits, and there's no other strategy in battle besides choosing attacks that target one or all enemies. Playing mini games during an attack may be fun for the first few times, but (like the Bros Items) it loses its charm after a while, unlike Superstar Saga's Bros Attacks.

I was really expecting myself to enjoy this game after playing the disappointing Partners in Time, but this only gave me a microdose to cure the bad taste that PiT gave me. As such, I'd play Superstar Saga over those two. I've said this before: I seriously hope Dream Team will bring me back to the series.
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User Info: x_darkness_x666

4 years ago#15

It's an amazingly fun game and I think it's one of the best Mario RPGs out there.
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July 13, 2012
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