Why doesn't Nintendo utilize the music app?

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User Info: parKb5

4 years ago#1
Nintendo went through the trouble of creating a music app for the 3DS and yet they do nothing with it. They could be making a fortune on the eShop selling video game music. It is a big business in Japan, where they release video game CDs all the time.

I would be buying tons of songs and if they released the Fire Emblem Awakening soundtrack or a Zelda Symphony soundtrack on the eShop, Nintendo couldn't stop me from throwing money at them.

It just seems strange that a big company with over 100 years of business know-how would pass up a sure fire money maker like this.
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User Info: Argh4430

4 years ago#2
It would make more sense selling their music on iTunes. I don't know if they do, or at least in the U.S., I haven't checked. In fact, I would be surprised if they aren't. 3DS uses the sound app more for novelty.

Also, it would be as slow as VC, no thanks. It would be faster to buy the discs, and then rip the tracks to mp3s.

User Info: ilikepie641

4 years ago#3
i actually remember hearing that in japan a music streaming and buying app was comming to the 3ds...
this app being like a google music type thing where you can buy music and stream it from any supported device...
But the 3ds's music player cant push the audio quality i desire with advanced settings like equalizers and such so i would just rather use something else
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User Info: iLLsteeze

4 years ago#4
Same thing with AR Cards.
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User Info: Ralala888

4 years ago#5
Back before we knew everything about Animal Crossing New Leaf I was really, really, really hoping we'd be able to play the MP3s we had saved on the SD card in music players in our AC homes.

User Info: Allaudeen

4 years ago#6
I hope we get an interface revision for the music player, as well as the camera
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User Info: NathanisDrake

4 years ago#7
Well they are doing something with it, something about downloading music through the eshop... In Japan.
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User Info: jovewolf

4 years ago#8
There is certainly some Nintendo music on iTunes - I know I have downloaded the Mother 3 soundtracks from there.
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User Info: Baha05

4 years ago#9
Because there wouldn't really be a whole lot they could do with it? It's just a music app after all.
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User Info: Nekoakuma

4 years ago#10
There has been a music store for the 3DS in Japan since last year.

(Link to your other thread about it)

(contains links to other relevant threads)
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