Do you have any gaming "Rules"?

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User Info: Zinger2010

4 years ago#81
- If I'm playing a MMORPG, make a melee based character first.
- Always start on the "Normal" difficulty of a new game at the very least, no easy mode.
- If there are side quests to be done, I should take and complete them ASAP.

and a more recent one, thanks to Etrian Odyssey,

-If it would give me a greater advantage, use items; otherwise they're gonna be rotting in my inventory / storage.

User Info: Rasen543

4 years ago#82
>My first playthrough of an RPG will always have the characters named after me, my girlfriend, and other friends
>In Fighting games, if I beat the crap out of a horrible player, I send him "GG" so he doesn't feel too bad.
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User Info: justdontask

4 years ago#83
first playthrough for any game: go with it at my own pace, on my own, on the lowest difficulty, no help from anyone or GFAQs unless i get stuck... hard to do because my brother has this urge to figure out EVERY cheat and glitch in EVERY game EVER... i always end up ticking him off by saying "shut up, i dont care, let ME play MY game MY way, when i want help i will ask"...

second playthrough: increase the difficulty to whatever it must be at so i can get 100%, get 100%

any playthrough after that: highest difficulty, break the game, get 100% unless its an absolute nightmare (lookin at you FF13)... get the strongest stuff as early as possible, or go exploring where you shouldnt be and gain tons of levels...

also, for most games if it applies: dont use magic except to heal... physical attacks hurt it? then ill use those, and heal with mp...

dont use items unless necessary

and dont run from fights if i can win them easily

i think thats all of em...
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User Info: Shin_Gallon

4 years ago#84
No 3D effects, ever. Never play a FPS with a gamepad. Never play console games online unless it's with iRL friends I know personally. Never use matchmaking when I have a server browser instead. And never, ever play a Zelda game that forces me to use motion controls instead of a real gamepad.

User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#85
Not about specific games per se, but I've adopted a system that clears out my backlog pretty quickly for me.

I'll have two "primary" games which are games I have not finished before and then a "secondary" game which is either a subsequent playthrough on a higher difficulty or a challenge, or a game with no defined end (Monster Hunter, Terraria, etc;).

For example, right now my two primary games are MGS3 and FFIV. I'm just trying to get through them. If I don't feel like playing either of those, I'll go back to Super Mario Sunshine and keep collecting blue coins until I have all of them. After I finish one of the primaries, I'll get back to FE:A and my next secondary is a 100% run on MGS2, collecting all the dog tags on all difficulties.
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User Info: unkowndude

4 years ago#86
If possible to choose between good or evil, I'll always choose the good.

User Info: Canadian Dude

Canadian Dude
4 years ago#87
I feel irresistibly compelled to finish every game I start. Every. Single. One. Ugh.

Also: When exploring dungeons in RPGs, exhaust all of the obvious dead ends before proceeding, in order to get more treasure and EXP.
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User Info: Sir_Haxor

4 years ago#88
1. No items in SSB.

2. No cheats on first playthrough. If playing RE1-CV then no infinite weapons even after I've unlocked them on multiple playthroughs. Only exception is REmake and Samurai Edge.

3. No overleveling. This means running from battles when they start to annoy me.

4. Try out multiple characters in fighters before deciding on a team. Some people flat out decide who they're going to play as from the get go.

5. Never play as the top tier character. 2nd or 3rd best top at the most. This means no Spacies in Smash, but I will play Sheik.

6. No guides, unless I've spent days trying to figure something out. This happens 1/100 times though.
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User Info: ThatGuyZ

4 years ago#89
-Don't hit my controller when you're losing.

-Don't damage my games if you're getting angry.

That's really all the house rules I have with gaming; everything else is left to group decision if I'm at a game club or another friend's place.
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User Info: Compass

4 years ago#90
Rasen543 posted...
>>In Fighting games, if I beat the crap out of a horrible player, I send him "GG" so he doesn't feel too bad.

This is probably backfiring. I would assume you're being sarcastic.
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