Bought me 3 Games today

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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#1

New Mario Bros. 2 for 34 Bucks

Super Mario 3D Land for 34 Bucks

DOA Dimensions - for 14 Bucks

Pretty good games so far I am liking them now I have 4 3DS games with Fire Emblem.

I dont have the DLCs installed but i know how to I have to take my 3DS to my Relatives
since I dont have access to WiFi or DSL speeds.

My next games are

Soul Hackers

Shin Megami IV - ALREADY PAID OFF just have to pick up on 7-16

Luigis Mansion also looks good.

May get other elcheapo used games

Transformers Prime
Tales of the Aybss
Tekken Prime
Kid Icarus
Kingdom Hearts DDD
MGS 3D Snake Eater

I know the games, I just have to figure out which ones to get hard to do that with so many awesome console games from SR IV, Batman Origins, WWE 2K14 to Lightinings Return.

I am hoping that 2K games will make a Portable WWE game but as you all know this is the same team they are just under 2K instead of THQ now so dont expect any kind of big Leaps with WWE 2K14.

People think it is a big deal when in reality it wil be the same cause it is the same team.

Cant wait for Dragon Quest 7 and Project X cool stuff in coming the sucky thing is none of it can be preordered yet.

Suprise me SR IV and TOX is.

User Info: elbarto1

4 years ago#2
Nice. We share similar tastes.
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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#3
Unknown when I will be able to get more 3DS games since so many consoles games are incoming with E3 coming & the 720s reveal this year is BEYOND INSANE.

Every Month something is coming across all Consoles being Portables or Consoles.

Now I have Skyrim Legendary, MGS Legacy, and Drakengard 3 to get DAMN.

On Top or WWE 21K4, South Park, Remember ME reminds me of Ghost in the Shell,
Final Fantasy 13-3, to many to NAME.

Shin Megami IV will be taking a major chunk of my Time & Attention mainly cause of the Multiple Endings being a 1st Time new Thing in Shin Games the Samurai is also new.

Then ontop of that 2 Games in August being TOX with SR followed by Batman Origins in October OMG.


Dear Lord People just think we still have E3 what will be revealed dont forget others such as the Tokyo Expo then in December with the Spikes VGAs where new World Premieres always Show Up.

It is insane to try to keep up with all of this.

User Info: macapala

4 years ago#4
I've only got a small collection of 3DS games as well:

Fire Emblem
LOZ Ocarina of Time
Rabbids 3D (don't ask...)
Mario Kart 7
Super Mario 3D Land
Luigi's Mansion 2
Virtue's Last Reward

I'd highly recommend Luigi's Mansion 2! Great fun to play and it has that brilliant Nintendo polish that other companies strive to achieve.

Also, if you like a good story try out the Zero Escape series. Virtue's Last Reward is the second game in the series though, so make sure you start with the first (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors) if you are interested.
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User Info: HojoForTehWin

4 years ago#5
whatnow12012 posted...
Shin Megami IV will be taking a major chunk of my Time & Attention mainly cause of the Multiple Endings being a 1st Time new Thing in Shin Games the Samurai is also new..

Wikipedia says...
Most games in the series feature nonlinear gameplay offering freedom of choice between branching paths and multiple endings,..

Multiple endings in a Megaten game is nothing new... every single mainline SMT game since the first on SNES have had multiple endings. If you're thinking of Persona, the Raidou games, etc. they aren't mainline SMT games, in fact in Japan they don't even have the Shin Megami Tensei name attached, but in the US they do for a sense of brand unity for the consumers sake.
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