Why aren't people excited about the Dragon Quest VII remake?

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  3. Why aren't people excited about the Dragon Quest VII remake?

User Info: Grand_Blue

4 years ago#1
Nobody seems to care that it hasn't been announced for NA.
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User Info: Tzuba12

4 years ago#2
Um just because you don't see any topics on it currently, doesn't mean nobody cares. In just about every Nintendo direct topic, people cross their fingers for localization news.
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User Info: UponADarkThorne

4 years ago#3
Since it's not been announced for localization yet.

Also, because Shin Megami Tensei IV is coming out.

User Info: Xxerran

4 years ago#4
Nothing to be excited about till it's announced. I want it, but gotta wait the year it takes to get here or longer.
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User Info: legendarylemur

4 years ago#5
Yeah I mean not many people here talk about Pokemon X & Y here either. It's simply too far away. Gotta enjoy the present, and the present is great.
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User Info: DarkEclipse234

4 years ago#6
Oh, I care. I don't know if it'll be out before or after Bravely Default in the U.S., but I'm optimistic on it's localization.

If I don't hear anything about it by the end of the year, I'd say it's time to panic though.
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User Info: kdiz4321

4 years ago#7
It came out in Japan 3 months ago so I don't expect it to be announced until next fall at the earliest, no there's not point in being excited about it now.

On the other hand I am bummed that they don't seem to be bring over DQM:TW.
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The same person who confirmed BDFF about 2 months before official announcement shared that DQ7 would also be localized.

Although I doubt it will be out before BDFF, so I'd guess feb-march next year earliest probably.

User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#9
I already beat the game on PS1. It's absolutely fantastic, my all-time favorite game. I really doubt that the remake can top it. Especially if it's removing random battles.

I don't really care if the remake is localized or not. I'm not gonna look forward to a new localization changing all of the names of everyone and everything to stupid puns.
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User Info: Furikuri_flcl

4 years ago#10
I'll be excited when they announce it for release in NA.
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  3. Why aren't people excited about the Dragon Quest VII remake?

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