Nintendo 3DS proprietary "Game Card" vs. SD card...

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User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#1
No, this is not a physical vs. digital debate..

My question is.. as far as which would last longer (shelf life) which one technically is more reliable at the end of the day.. IF you were to take GREAT/EXTREME care of it.. i.e. keep them free of dusty enviorments, keep them inside at the 3DS the majority of the time, in safe casing, avoiding really cold or really hot temperatures, etc?.

I have a 32GB Sandisk "Ultra" SDHC card and want to make sure this thing will last for a LONG.. LONG time!. i take amazing care of my things, including my game cards and SD cards. just something that was suddenly on my mind! lol. thank you! :).
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User Info: crimsonclaw111

4 years ago#2
Hmmm... 3DS cartridge I'd guess. I have games from my NES that still work and I've had SD cards crap out on me.
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User Info: Odinfan

4 years ago#3
The 3DS game cards are burned in, so they're expected to last for years.... should be obvious.
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