WHAT IF: A My Little Pony game came to this system...

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User Info: TiamatKiller

4 years ago#121

I wouldn't buy it, but it's not like I'd be out protesting the nearest Gamestop from carrying it.
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User Info: Soeroah

4 years ago#122
MobileWarfare posted...
Kneekicker posted...
MobileWarfare posted...
I wouldn't care for bronies except for the fact that they go way too far with everything. I could make a list of all the things they go overboard with but the thing that annoys me the most is "Bro hoof."(Not exactly sure what it's called but it's something close to that.) I mean come on, you took something people always do and just say a stupid pony related thing in front of it. No creativity there.

Vyers posted...
Just like in real life when your best friend starts to bully you so that he doesn't get bullied by other people.

What? You must have been in a really bad school if that has to happen.

Bullying still exists and is actually pretty common, especially verbal bullying. On the bright side, physical bullying has somewhat decreased.

Physical bullying is something I haven't really seen, or experienced, at the schools I went to. I guess I just assumed it wasn't too common anywhere else either. Verbal bullying I can see as common, but I still don't see it very often.

I once had a rock thrown at my head by someone who'd been verbally bullying me for a couple years. Apparently he didn't mean for it to actually hit me, but I didn't really care about what he intended by that point.
Best console war summary ever. TL;DR version at 2:05.
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