Just bought a 3DS - got a few questions

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User Info: Dancouga_Nova

4 years ago#1
So I just got a 3DS as part of the Monster Hunter 3 bundle. The game comes pre-installed on the memory card, and since it's only 4 gb, I'm worried I'll start running out of space soon. So I was just wondering, are there says to transfer games onto a computer or onto different memory cards?

On a related note, how big is the average game? I'm thinking of getting Fire Emblem off eshop, and was wondering if 4gb is enough to store it and Monster Hunter. Thanks guys!

User Info: Dancouga_Nova

4 years ago#2

User Info: xtdg134

4 years ago#3
Yeah it's super simple, I did it when I upgraded my memory card. Plug your memory card in to your computer, cut all the files and paste them in to a folder, plug in the new one and cut and paste them on to the memory card. Keeps all your save files, downloads, all that jazz.

User Info: ss4gogeta_dark

4 years ago#4
Just copy the contents of the SD to your PC and then cut/paste it from the PC to the new SD card. The data on it works fine either way, the 3DS will recognize it as long as it sees its for that 3DS.
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User Info: metroid02

4 years ago#5
3DS games arent as big as they may seem (though FEA is one of the larger ones) so you wont have the same problem vita users have with 4gb sticks. That said, I was able to download Paper Mario and NSMB2 (including all the ambassador games) on my 2GB card for the original 3DS with enough free space to download a few more games.

Unless you start buying just about every game on the Eshop I think you should be fine. Though to be honest I suggest you dont take the route of going digital with Nintendo consoles just yet as:
a) You cant resell them which is what I desperately want to do with 3D Land and Paper Mario.
b) If you lose your system the games are gone for good as there is no overarching Nintendo Account were these things get saved.
c) The digital games are far more expensive. I can get Ocarina of Time for something like 20€ used and here it still costs 40-45€.
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