Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for ___.

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User Info: mahboi

4 years ago#21
...a Mario platformer that doesn't live off of nostalgia.
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#22
nintendogger posted...
I'm waiting for Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

Me too. But why am I telling Nintendo that when I should be telling Crapcom? Also, Crapcom, I'm still waiting for Ace Attorney 2, Professor Layton 5, and Mega Man Legends 3.
sirtonne posted...
This topic is so stupid I had to slap my wife.

User Info: Bleachfreak7

4 years ago#23
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User Info: meggido_flare

4 years ago#24
A legit Golden Sun.

Keep waiting >________________>
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User Info: WitchBaby4200

4 years ago#25
I'm waiting for:

New Leaf
Fantasy Life
Earthbound to be released in the eShop on the 3DS
GBA titles to be released
Smash Bros.
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User Info: Wildkatb

4 years ago#26
I'm wanting:
an account system not attached to consoles
Endless Ocean 3DS
Fantasy Life
Fishing Resort (loved the Wii version)
GBA games on the eShop
Lego Star Trek
Magician's Quest 3D
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User Info: GoldenSun3DS

4 years ago#27
Golden Sun (4) 3DS
Camelot asked for your support of Golden Sun 4!
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User Info: The_Desk

4 years ago#28
Pokemon Stadium 3 more then any other.

User Info: Lan915

4 years ago#29
Dear Nintendo,
I'm waiting for Hatsune Miku Project Diva games to come out for the 3DS.
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User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#30
gba, snes, and even DS games on the eshop would be awesome. SSB too. i would love to see pokemon yellow on the eshop.
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