Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for ___.

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  3. Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for ___.

User Info: Wii3Kings

4 years ago#81
NES Pro Wrestling on Virtual Console.

User Info: BdowDELL222

4 years ago#82
I'm waiting for Mario Golf with a full fledged RPG mode... wishful thinking though.

User Info: retrogamer28

4 years ago#83
Star fox
F zero
3d Zelda
monster Hunter 4g
Megaman legends 3
Monolith soft 3ds game besides pxz
Snes classic collection
Prof.layton/ace attorney collection
Nintendo fans have the privilege of being able to saying a game is bad because the predecessor is better, not because the game is actually bad objectively.

User Info: ShadowMario3

4 years ago#84
Super Smash Bros.
Miiverse on 3DS
Youtube Channel:

User Info: McMarbles

4 years ago#85
I'm waiting for you to localize DQVII since Squeenix no longer cares about that kind of thing anymore.
Currently playing: Tales of the Abyss (3DS version), Pushmo, Zelda: Link's Awakening
Rainbow Dash is best pony. Fact.

User Info: middays_deep

4 years ago#86
Dear Nintendo.

I'm waiting for a sequel to Metroid Fusion, and the next Advance Wars.
You want gold? Fine, you scoundrel. Let me just... oops!

User Info: SolatoSilver

4 years ago#87
Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for more US games to be localized for the UK, please and thank you.
Divide by zero, they said. It'll be fun, they said.

User Info: Storm Chamber

Storm Chamber
4 years ago#88
A new Metroidvania for the 3DS
"We will not solve our problems by announcing them to the general public. We only speed ourselves on our way to the gallows." - Dr. Harlan Fontaine

User Info: 4sakuraHa0

4 years ago#89
New Legend of Zelda !! (although ALttP2 is already announced)
Super Smash Bros !
Metroid ! (Samus is mai waifu !)
Ace Attorney !
Super Punch Out !
If someone post "I don't care", they actually care VERY much.
If they DON'T care, they WON'T bother posting.

User Info: Phantom_Nook

4 years ago#90
GBA games on eShop
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  3. Dear Nintendo, I'm waiting for ___.

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