How often do you see people playing / do you get streetpasses where you live?

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User Info: JKSonic

4 years ago#1
Around here I rarely see people playing anything... Then I've had a 3DS on and off since near launch (near enough to be an ambassador) and the only time I got streetpasses was from a model who brought hers over during a photoshoot (yes I said model who brought hers over) and I got a bunch of avatars from the Nintendo station thingy at Best Buy one time. However, I took my new one back there since and never got anything again.

Since launch I have maybe seen one or two people playing and I have never gotten a streetpass just from being out and about. I even live in a college town and have taken my 3DS with me when I've been walking through campus and when I've been at the mall.

Where are you guys getting yours or seeing people playing? The closest "real" airport is far away so that's not an option (I see people saying airports a lot). Should I try taking it into the Gamestops around me? Any other stores that have something set up like Best Buy does? (pinup and boudoir) (families, scenery, etc)

User Info: Sinful_Desire

4 years ago#2
near 3 years 3ds owned.
have gotten 5-ish streetpasses and all were in the last 5 months give or take.

most at walmart,one at target,2-ish at costco and others randomly whilst i was @ home.

User Info: pomebear

4 years ago#3
Not very many.. but whenever I go to Target I know I'm guaranteed to streetpass one of the employees if he's working.

If I'm lucky, I'll get up to 3 at the mall.

User Info: Ruff_Puff

4 years ago#4
I live in a city in Australia, and I've only ever street passed two different Mii's; one was my brother, the other was a guy from Germany called "m.chief" and I street passed him while I was at home trying to street pass my brother. :P
And I've had my 3DS since August 2012.

User Info: tranceaddict19

4 years ago#5
I live in South Florida only have 1 friend with a 3DS I've had my system since it launched (pikachu edition) I've had like 30 something spot passes. Couple regions I've gotten 2 from just randomly driving home.

The mall is always guaranteed at least 2 from gamestop employees there
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User Info: Ender_Delphiki

4 years ago#6
At my college campus I received at least 15 unique streetpasses last semester. Some of these people I crossed every week.

I don't take it anywhere else public to get them, but I feel I still run into a fair amount. Plus you can add my 4 friends who have a 3DS into the mix.
NNID: Syphus, Steam: ender_delphiki

User Info: teamaquashock

4 years ago#7
Houston, and I've gotten 40 random people streetpass tags, from Best Buy, 5k runs, mall, movies, sometimes even the boardwalk.

I have an extra 25 because 3 of my cousins recently got one and I get their Streetpass every week.
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User Info: Binba442

4 years ago#8
In my town? Like, 2. Ever.
But when I take the train to the capital? (Which is 20 minutes away) At that capital station, I get 5+ in a day, not to mention the ones I get from the actual capital itself.

User Info: Freelance_Wolf

4 years ago#9
Lots here in Toronto, especially if you go downtown.
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User Info: nintendogger

4 years ago#10
Walking around campus I average 1-3 (I go to one of the largest Universities in America). Walking around a mall it is still like a 1-3 average. I rarely see people just playing though. I saw that once in McDonalds and that was it.
AEPhi Sister.
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