Think Nintendo will do some account based system soon?

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User Info: Raven236

4 years ago#11
Nintendo is kind of backwards in that arena.
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User Info: HiddenDoorway

4 years ago#12
From: RX02Banshee | #007
System based is so backwards it would be hilarious if they weren't limiting physical stock to force people to buy digital. System based means the most obvious problem of "something happens to your system say bye-bye to every game you bought" can happen, Nintendo is unbelievably stupid for not realizing this.

1) You sound like a f***ing conspiracy theorist. Have you noticed how every game that people have been having to buy digitally because of low stock haven't had that great of sales figures in the past. Like Fire Emblem for example, has never really been a big hit in the West. So they stocked appropriately. In the past Nintendo actually has made far more copies of games than what was actually sold, so can you really blame them for not wanting to take risks like that all the time, just in case one game gets really popular? And really, if you want a game that badly right when it comes out, pre-order it. Not only will that guarantee you a copy, but it also means that Nintendo will see more interest for the game.

2) If your system is lost or breaks, Nintendo can move your account over to a new 3DS really easily. And they do it really quickly, too. I've known people who have done this, and they were able to get a new 3DS with their account data back within a week of sending it out.

Perhaps you shouldn't just spout BS, and actually do some research into what you are even talking about it if you ever want to be taken seriously.

User Info: KittenLina

4 years ago#13
HiddenDoorway posted...
An account system would really only benefit you if you have multiple 3DS' of the same region that you are currently using

Do you know what an account system is? Doesn't look it.
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User Info: guedesbrawl

4 years ago#14
It does not bother me. I seriosuly don't think of anything it's better at than the current system that isn't just a result of laziness (FCs) or dumbness (losing a 3ds or using more than one...>_>).

But since it's 100% better...
Confession Time!
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User Info: HiddenDoorway

4 years ago#15
From: KittenLina | #013
Do you know what an account system is? Doesn't look it.

I do. An account system is where your purchases, online data, and the such are all stored to an account online.

But having an account system at the moment would really only benefit you if you have two 3DS' from the same region that you want to share the same stuff on. If you want to switch to a new system, there is a data transfer method built into the 3DS. If your 3DS breaks or gets lost, you can have Nintendo transfer your data to a new 3DS.

Another benefit of an account system if that I could go over to my friend's house and still have access to all my Steam games or PSN games. But, is that really necessary with a portable system? Not really.

So unless you plan to have two 3DS' from the same region and you plan to use both of them, an account system would not really benefit you enough to notice it at the moment.

User Info: keyblader1985

4 years ago#16
Yo Hidden. >_>

In theory I agree with most of what you said, but I still think Nintendo should implement a real account system, for peace of mind and just to shut people up. Plus it would be nice if they implemented cross play for Virtual Console and other digital games.
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#17
They already have an account based system in place, its just that we don't have access to it on the 3DS yet. If you own a Wii U, you were asked to sign up for Nintendo Network, and that saves everything. You can also log into Mii Verse from the PC now, but you still can't create an account unless you have a Wii U.

Although, Nintendo Network and accounts were confirmed for the 3DS long before we even knew what the Wii U really was.... And we still haven't heard anything about them since.
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User Info: Frozenx07

4 years ago#18
I don't see Nintendo doing an account-based system for the same reason I don't see GBA games coming to the eShop: Nintendo likes to do things their own way that only makes sense to them. It's always been like that, always will.

User Info: TiamatKiller

4 years ago#19
HiddenDoorway posted...
An account system would really only benefit you if you have multiple 3DS' of the same region that you are currently using. If you get a new one, you can just do a system transfer from one to the next. If yours breaks, you can send it into Nintendo and they can transfer your account to a replacement 3DS.

They'll probably add one in by the next generation, but I don't think they would be able to add one in to the 3DS' software.

This is possible, but simply not acceptable from a 2013 mega-gaming company.

MS/Sony have successfully used account based systems for their online for a long time, and Nintendo had basically the perfect opportunity to use both as a template when finally designing their true online capabilities.

Instead, we have the ridiculous situation that we're in. It's not a matter of the likely target audience being small, it's the fact that an account system is not only better, but has been standard for a long time now. Also, I don't see why they couldn't send in the account system via an OS update or even a software's not like this happens on the hardware level.
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User Info: Jiroro

4 years ago#20
lol nope
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