Crimson Shroud and Liberation Maiden. Thoughts on these games?

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User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#1
I noticed that both of these Level 5 games were on sale for $4.99 till the end of May on the eshop. Unfortunately, neither of them had a demo (or if they did, I couldn't find them).

I was hoping to see what people thought about these games? After lurking the boards for both games, it seems like Crimson Shroud is the better of the two. Liberation Maiden was said to be short with little replay value.

Are these descriptions accurate? Anything else anyone has to offer on these games?

Thanks in advance!

User Info: ServantOfErieos

4 years ago#2
I recommend both.

Both enjoyable games.
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User Info: TheZuperHero

4 years ago#3
I liked both, though I only recently bough Liberation Maiden during the sale. Crimson Shroud's a great game, with some really interesting story and a neat combination of table top and turn based RPGs. Liberation Maiden is quicker, five real missions, but there are a lot of unlockables and incentives to replay the game multiple times (which, based on the score attack nature of the game, isn't a hassle at all). I'd recommend both, especially considering that they're still on sale!
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User Info: ObtuseAngina

4 years ago#4
There both from a game in Japan called Guild 01 in Japan where they got famous game designers to make games, Liberation Maiden is made by Suda 51, and is rather good and has great production values and good graphics, its pretty much a shoot em up with similar controls to kid Icarus uprising and is about a girl who is elected president of japan and fights in a mech to take back the country. Downside is its short and only has 5 levels but its a blast to play

Crimson Shroud is an ode to table top RPGs where the game is more like table top RPGs where the characters and monsters are figurines with limited animations. Also like table top RPGs you roll dice to calculate damage in some attacks. Also the story is told by text. This game is also short like 10 hours

There is another game in Guild 01 and that's aeroporter and its a puzzle game.

They made Guild 02 and the first game of that is coming out today and its Starship Damprey (I don't know the spelling)
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User Info: ChiefDamonGant

4 years ago#5
Liberation Maiden is pretty good. Short, but you get high production values for what you pay for. Music, voice, and graphics are all top notch. Game is simple enough and good for short bursts.
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User Info: Icewitch

4 years ago#6
Crimson Shroud is a text adventure game with RPG combat. Its kind of slow paced, but its well-written and the story is interesting. The combat system is actually pretty deep though. It has a New Game+ mode with some story variation too.
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User Info: ARsignal11

4 years ago#7
Hmm, wow. You guys are speaking positively about Liberation Maiden. That wasn't really the vibe I got when I was searching about it.

I'm tempted to grab both as I've been wanting a pick up and play type of game and Liberation Maiden seems to be that. And Crimson Shroud seems to have a strong story, which I always like. The only thing stopping me is I don't know if I'll have time to play all of these games, especially with the Oracle games coming out this month, and PxZ and SMTIV on the horizon.

Decisions, decisions. Regardless, thanks for the input guys. Any more would also be much appreciated.

User Info: rupok93

4 years ago#8
Liberation maiden for $5 is worth it. not for its original $10 or whatever.

Its very short to beat (Like 2 hours) but it does have hard difficulty settings.

Its like another kid icarus but with only 2 weapons and only in the sky, however the laser weapon is very satisfying to use.
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