So far, what is the 3DS "Killer app"?

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User Info: GoIrish80

4 years ago#41
The one that's not even listed, Monster Hunter.

But Fire Emblem is a close second. Great game.
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User Info: Hardley_Smith

4 years ago#42
Hashshashin_ posted...
Monster Hunter

User Info: MilesTeg420

4 years ago#43
jovewolf posted...
I'm more confused by the inclusion of Virtue's Last Reward. Generally a "killer app" is exclusive to the system you're talking about and that, well, isn't. In fact you can make a pretty good case of the Vita having the superior version of VLR - multiple save slots, fewer bugs, ability to take screenshots, etc. (though that last one is a general Vita system thing).

Yeah, I'm not sure why I put that there. I've even been bitten by the save bug multiple times. Should have gone with Monster Hunter or Kingdom Hearts I guess.
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  3. So far, what is the 3DS "Killer app"?

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