So.... haven't played RE:Revelations yet.

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User Info: BizzyBum

4 years ago#11
At this point just get the HD version.
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User Info: masa8mune

4 years ago#12
the 3ds version is half the price.
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User Info: robulastage

4 years ago#13
It really just comes down to Jill's ass in 3D on a small screen versus Jill's ass in HD on your TV. The winner is clear.
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User Info: thetoughkid

4 years ago#14
robulastage posted...
Jill's ass in HD.

Thou speak the truth.
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User Info: spealfan444

4 years ago#15
So... how does the Miiverse work in the Wii U version?
I heard it puts speech bubbles on the monster's heads, but wouldn't that make the game, I don't know, less scary?
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User Info: Icewitch

4 years ago#16
Depends what you want out of the game

If you just want the plot and atmosphere and some old fashioned RE, get 3DS

If you want all that plus a longer lasting game with more active multiplayer and more postgame stuff go Wii U
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User Info: pratypus

4 years ago#17

20 bucks on the eshop, no brainer

User Info: MikkoHakke

4 years ago#18
RE: R 3DS is on clearance at Target for 9.98

User Info: lambchips

4 years ago#19
get the pc version.
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User Info: ToastyOne

4 years ago#20
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