what I dont like about the 3ds

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User Info: OoSubaruoO

4 years ago#11
chaomaster4000 posted...
OoSubaruoO posted...
People still use the stylus? I just use my fingers.

I dunno, you ever tried to play Kirby Canvas Curse with your grubby meathooks?

I never tried to play Kirby Canvas Curse, so no.

User Info: crispyo

4 years ago#12
Because that is biased against left handers
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User Info: Starwars4J

4 years ago#13
griffon117 posted...
The DS' placement made sense since most people are right handed and it is placed near the right hand.

The DS had the stylus located in almost exactly the same place
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User Info: Nerdstick

4 years ago#14
As someone who's right handed, I MUCH prefer the OG 3DS's placement. The stylus is antiqued and most games don't even use it. It's frustrating always having my hand/finger on top of the stylus and its slot when I'm playing games.
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