Winter is do 3DS fans feel about the upcoming console wars?

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User Info: Rurouni720

4 years ago#61
NettoSaito posted...
This is going to be a lot like Gen 6 allover again lol

Let's wait until E3 finished next month before all is said and done.

Though i agree with you on Xbox One lol.

User Info: zeekybookydoog

4 years ago#62
3DS - God tier system. Guaranteed success at this point.

Vita - Need a price drop either on the system or memory cards if it wants to compete.

WiiU - It might pick up in the future, it might not. But the fanboys will probably keep it alive regardless.

PS4 - Odds are it will beat out the other consoles, but it has its own fair share of issues. Devs have the option to charge for used games, no direct backwards compatibility. (Though the latter has more to do with the way the PS3 was designed.)

X1 - That's a nice console FOR ME TO POOP ON

WiiFan77 posted...
The handhelds will dominate this gen. All the consoles suck hard.

Truth if I ever saw it.

One more thing; I noticed that no one has mentioned Ouya, SteamBox, or anything similar yet. If WiiU/PS4/X1 don't get their act together, they could very well get overtaken by these devices.
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User Info: IronMonkey008

4 years ago#63
I'm just glad I have a gaming PC and a 3DS
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User Info: PhoenixPrince

4 years ago#64
3DS: Going strong

Vita: I don't see this going anywhere

Wii U: The groundwork is there, but it needs more titles actually out to really jumpstart.

PS4: Depends on the games and the price. If it doesn't have many launch titles and is $500, it's gonna take some time for it to get off the ground. It' could be a strong competitor this gen though.

Xbox One: Good night, sweet prince.
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User Info: so64

4 years ago#65
Well I like Nintendo's output for the 3DS. Yet, it would appear they are having difficulties transitioning towards crafting games for the Wii U. Not to mention that their advertisements of the Wii U leave a lot to be desired...However, it would seem that they are trying to gather indie developers, if some of the NeoGaf topics are to be taken into consideration and it would also appear that they are trying to partner to gain exclusives. So it will probably improve from Fall 2013-Fall 2014. PS4 looks good. XBOX One is quite...interesting. The current negativity surrounding the system may force Microsoft to change a lot of their policies toward the system by E3...Then again, I have doubts that Microsoft will just change policies so quickly lest they decided to push back their launch for all regions to the next year. But that would give Sony too much breathing room...

In any case, a few tips on console wars:

1. Realize that there is criticism of a console on good merits, there is criticism of a console on poor merits, and then there is simply being rude. Always make sure your criticisms are based in truth and do not exaggerate them to make a point.

2. Do not attack people who do not agree necessarily with your criticisms. Calling people illogical, stupid, etc. for not agreeing with you is perhaps the most ineffective way to discuss a criticism you think is valid. If the person does not see your criticism as valid, then ask them why they do not see the criticism as valid, do not state it is obvious etc.

3. Do not beleaguer a point. If the person still does not agree after a period and the discussion seems to be getting somewhat heated, then you may want to excuse yourself from the argument. Remember this is not life or death here, do not treat it as such.

4. Do not generalize. This is an important tip. One should avoid generalizations no matter what. Even beginning a statement such as most_____ can cause needless arguments.

5. Tone is key. This is related to the criticism based tips. One should avoid sounding too...angry or upset.

There are some more tips, but I am somewhat tired right now...
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User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#66
OoSubaruoO posted...
Console wars are just an excuse for rabid fanboys to insult each other. Real gamers play the game, no matter what console it is.
"Be greater than all that's come before... But... Never be perfect." - Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Captian of Division 12.

User Info: Joe73ffdq

4 years ago#67
The console wars dont phase me a bit.

The 3DS is looking good to me. I like nostalgia, and this system has plenty for me to be excited about in the next year or more.

User Info: Aqouze

4 years ago#68
X-Box is out for me. i'm offline type.

Now left to Wii-U and PS4 but i hope my favorite series not coming to these system so i can just stick with PS3 for a while longer. For home console, i will buy it when Gust Game get localized.
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