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User Info: Greggo94

4 years ago#1
I just finished both of these games and I loved them both. Kid Icarus was not as bad as everyone says it is. I couldn't come up with a better control scheme to fit the game but other than that the story was great. I loved the dialogue it was very humorous and endearing through out. The last 4 chapters really made the game for me. Overall a great game. Revelations was the best ressi I have played since 4 and really had me hooked until the end. A little disappointed in the length of the story though. Also those swimming levels sucked a pretty huge d*** but overall a great experience and I will definitely play again. I have finished 2 of the 3 games I bought with my XL two weeks ago and now I have nothing to play. Suggestions?

User Info: nintendoman562

4 years ago#2
Virtue's Last Reward and Fire Emblem

User Info: LHS_2012

4 years ago#3
Kid Icarus was GotY in my opinion. Obviously not everyone will like it, but people really do themselves a disservice by skipping that title due to bad buzz. There really is no reason someone with a 3DS shouldn't at least rent Kid Icarus. I'm glad you decided to play it TC.
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User Info: danielmg

4 years ago#4
Play the Raid mode in RER. It should last you a while.

User Info: Starwars4J

4 years ago#5
Kid Icarus is not as bad as everyone says it is? Aside from a few vocal trolls that game has garnered massive praise
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User Info: kirbycool

4 years ago#6
You could get fire emblem, or wait 2 weeks for animal crossing if that interests you.
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User Info: Greggo94

4 years ago#7
Starwars4J posted...
Kid Icarus is not as bad as everyone says it is? Aside from a few vocal trolls that game has garnered massive praise

Ha yes but by the way some people around these boards talk it's controls make it the worst game nintendo has made in years lol

User Info: Shiga

4 years ago#8
Uprising is an amazing game.

Honestly, that game would not play well with dual analog sticks at all. The precision of dual analogs cannot be compared to the beauty of stylus controls.

This was a time period when people were whining like idiots for the 3DS to have an extra circle pad built into it, but that can't even work, which shows their ignorance. The CPP adds additional shoulder buttons too. Adding just a second circle pad wouldn't logically make sense unless the extra shoulder buttons were tacked on with it. Sorry for the tangent, but the more you know.
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