Looking for a new 3DS game

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User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#1
So I'm saving club nintendo points, but I need one more title to reach the 800 for the hanafuda cards. I've had a few games on my backlist for a while, so I figured that once I have the money I'll pick up one of the following:

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Once it releases in a few weeks)

I loved Devil Survivor on the DS, (played it to death, so not very interested in Overclocked), but I've never played a main series SMT before. Would SMT IV be worth it? It releases mid july, and I don't know the exact club nintendo cutoff before points reset.

Any other suggestions? Before someone says it I'm not hugely interested in Monster Hunter or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon.

I'm also on the fence about Fire Emblem. I was hugely addicted to Shining Force back in the day but have never played a Fire Emblem before.

User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#2
I should have mentioned, currently own:

Kingdom Hearts
Mario 3D Land
Nano Assault
Paper Mario
Zelda: OOT 3D

User Info: bsp77

4 years ago#3
Fre Emblem. No question. It really doesn't matter if you played the other games.

User Info: WitchBaby4200

4 years ago#4
Denpa Men. On the eShop. Great game. 2nd one comes out on May 30th. DKCR is pretty awesome too.
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User Info: Monkmaster79

4 years ago#5
Fire Emblem Awakening is a great place to jump into the series.

And if you're not against digital, I suggest you download Animal Crossing. The series is perfect for short bursts of play so always having access to the game is great.

I haven't played Luigi's Mansion dark moon so I cannot comment.

Didn't notice you mentioned SMTIV. It's beginner friendly like Fire Emblem Awakening so it's also a good place to start. Also, first print editions come with a 176 page strategy guide/artbook and a music CD and it only costs $50. Too good of a deal to pass up.
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User Info: MereMare

4 years ago#6
Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (out in July)
Tales of the Abyss (if you're into action rpgs)
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User Info: Moohaha2

4 years ago#7
Thanks for the replies! I've narrowed it down to Animal Crossing or Fire Emblem. I think that both would be good digital downloads (as I tend to get very addicted to strategy RPGs and Animal Crossing). Fire emblem has gotten fantastic reviews, so I'm slightly leaning that way at the moment.

User Info: Emeraldrox

4 years ago#8
FE now, animal crossing on release day.
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User Info: Ghetsis

4 years ago#9
Go for Fire Emblem, especially if you liked Shining Force. The two play very similarly, except for the fact that Fire Emblem has (optional in Awakening) permadeath.
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