Streetpass with 2 3DS 1 game?

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User Info: kyiori

4 years ago#1
Say, I have one copy of Super Mario 3D Land, with one 3DS and one XL. Can I activate streetpass on both systems with the same game card, while reaping the benefits of using both systems for the street pass? Since the streetpass limit for SM3DL is up to 3 at one time, using both system would potentially give me up to 6 at one time.

Anyone know if this would work or if it's game specific? So far, I only really care about SM3DL (999 star coins), Kingdom Hearts (streetpass trophy), and Theaterhythm (streetpass trophy). I wouldn't be carrying both systems at once, one would be carried by my bro who goes a different place.
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User Info: esoteric42

4 years ago#2
Sounds like you already have all the tools you need to try it out for yourself.

What are you waiting for?

It'll probably work.
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User Info: Yomerodes

4 years ago#3
It works, at least with the games I have tried it...

-In Kid Icarus you can street pass between both systems even with only one savefile. In practice that means you can clone weapon gems at wish...weapon gems are fairly useless by themselves though, since you still need a lot of hearts to transform a gem into a good weapon, or to fuse two gems. Still, it makes extremely easy to to obtain the streetpass related achievements, especially now that Nintendo no longer support spotpass gems.
Also, you can do the whole streetpass thing without feeling like a cheater, if someone else in your house plays the game and uses another savefile, each can use the streetpass of each console only with their respective savefile, pretty much like real streetpass works between different cartridges.

-Same in Super Street Fighter IV, you can send the figurine data from the one single cartridge between different 3ds. One thing you have to remember (and pretty much applies to all streetpass games), the game saves the streetpass as a separate file on the system any time you even if the cartridge is the same, it doesn't mean the streetpass will neccesarily be a mirror match, here it is how you can manipulate the streetpass files:
1.-Start the game on 3DS "A" go to the streetpass menu, create a figurine team and save. Close the game and swap the card to the other 3DS.
2.-Start the game on 3DS "B", change the username of the game in options, go to the streetpass menu, create a new figurine team and save.
3.-Streetpass both 3DS and tada, you have a fair figurine match between different usernames and with different teams using only one game card.
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