What are the best online games out or coming out?

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User Info: TastyKittyMMMM

4 years ago#1
I reformatted my 3DS for some reason a year ago and never got around to making a new Mii because I don't play many online games on my 3DS. Now, because I'm considering a purchase of Animal Crossing I'm like what the hell let's get a Friend Code again. What are some other games I'll wanna play online?

Animal Crossing
Pokemon X/Y
Smash Bros
is Mario Kart 7 any good?
any other good third party games I'm forgetting

User Info: DeathSoul2000

4 years ago#2
luigi's mansion 2 is surprisingly good considering the genre.
mario kart 7 is alright but pretty disappointing compared to wii.

User Info: tropireno

4 years ago#3
Kid Icarus Uprising

User Info: Lavendermoon

4 years ago#4
Fire Emblem Awakening

User Info: Roksu

4 years ago#5
RE: Mercenaries 3D and Revelaitions (Raid Mode), I guess.

I also hope Capcom will localize MH4.

Sadly, there aren't many online MP games on 3DS. :(
PSN: Rokuyo14 (NA / Inactive), Roksu13 (HK / Active)
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User Info: xIvan321

4 years ago#6
Kid Icarus Uprising is the only best competitive online game on the 3DS while the rest is CO-OP. Also the only game that lets you speak in the mic is heroes of ruin.

I'm also hoping we get a FPS online game for the 3DS that controls with stylus optionally. FPS games are non-existent in the 3DS library at the moment. The game I can picture being the only FPS on the 3DS is Call of Duty and I guess I'll have to settle for that game. For the past two years they have been insisting on DS CoD games and I hope this trend will change soon...
3DS FC:4425-1580-1611. MPH expert of the Kid Icarus Uprising boards
3DS chat: http://xat.com/mph93 SKYPE: xIvan321_
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