If the Wii Fit trainer is in Super Smash Bros...

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User Info: Redjoker777

4 years ago#21
Does no one remember ROB?
Loshadt-"There are times when I wish I were capable of hating people to death."

User Info: Bosuonparedo

4 years ago#22
Where the hell is Skapon, dammit? >:C

User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#23
chestershadow posted...
lWrongwayl posted...
I hope they announce something like Queen Bee from Mario Galaxy just to see people complain lol. I love playing with weird characters.

I don't have a problem with weird characters, but who honestly will recognize the wii fit trainer specifically from wii fit? Its not even the moveset people have issue with, its just how bland, uninspired, and lazy the design team is being with a character design that could easily be replaced with "fighting polygon team" from smash 64.

Missed opportunity to add the same moveset with a character that is at least partially recognizeable/distiguishable from something so so generic and niche (the market for wii fit isn't really gamers to begin with).

Geno from SMRPG
Another F-Zero character
King K Rool
Proto-man/Zero (why not if MM is in)
Warioware characters
SMT Characters (afterall there is that crossover with Fire Emblem coming up, along with SMT 4)
There are literally hundreds of better and more Nintendo-relevant character options than wii fit trainer...

I agree, although I'm not too upset about WFT in SSB4, I'll probably get over it soon, if I haven't already.
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