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User Info: Zeldafan59

4 years ago#21
Hi joeman2004. I am a huge fan of the PM series on N64, the GC and Wii (although Wii was a little too platform heavy, imo.) This latest entry IS a platformer at heart with a ton of puzzle elements to solve (many with very vague clues).

I am not a good obscure puzzle solver or a platformer player so you can imagine how this game was a disaster for me. Even with the purchase of the Prima Guide, I still couldn't get through the first world w/o total frustration.

Too many random fights, no inventory variation except what kind of boot sticker to use or thing sticker in all those fights. Also, the story was boring and no extra characters or leveling up in the traditional way the first 2 Paper Marios did it. The answer to your question is radically different from the core series and the only time I feel Nintendo dropped the ball big time.

The game is very pretty and they did an excellent job on the 3D aspect, but honestly that is about the only positive I can think of. Hope this helps and good luck to you if you try it. Missy

User Info: smashmaster1111

4 years ago#22
I bought it forced my self to finish it when I got bored and haven't touched it since. If you like past Paper Mario's I wouldn't recommend it. If you have never played any other PM games then this might be a better experience but I doubt it. Overall I wouldn't really recommend it, unless you find it on sale for half price or something then it could be worth it...maybe...probably not.

User Info: mhayes86

4 years ago#23
My biggest complaint about it is that there's no incentive to do battles. Instead of experience and getting progressively stronger, you're rewarded with coins to buy stickers rather than having to search for them in the field. You can also gamble your coins in battle for multiple sticker combos. The more battles you do during a stage, the more coins you're rewarded with after completing it.

In the end, the battles (which comprise the majority of the game) just felt tedious and unrewarding, thus making the game feel tedious.

User Info: kidwgm

4 years ago#24
I enjoyed it. But I didn't really play the older Paper Mario games and I believe for those gamers that did is the reason they have the issue with PMSS.
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User Info: StephenYap3

4 years ago#25
The first two (Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door) were obviously better, but this one ain't bad. Sticker Star doesn't have a story, new characters, or any other familiar series' elements (as well as RPG elements), but I'd say it's a good game regardless. The few flaws with it are that the game is too short and the price tag being slightly overpriced, but past that, I had fun with it.
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User Info: wentzelot

4 years ago#26
i haven't played it but i was someone who never thought the other paper marios were that good to begin with. insultingly easy, bad combat/rpg elements. TTYD is a game i had to force myself to finish and trust me it was painful. i mostly just mashed A and won every battle while simultaneously watching tv or trying to keep myself entertained.

the original mario rpg however was fantastic. i wish they would go back to that style, or just turn paper mario into a straight up platformer, because that's when the game is its most fun.
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