So, 40 coins away from Platinum..

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User Info: Aqouze

4 years ago#11
For puzzle,
- Professor Layton if u interest in puzzle game.
- any 2e-shop titles that made by lv5

- SMT series

User Info: QuantumWolf

4 years ago#12
Archsaze posted...
QuantumWolf posted...
Gold Status I remember has a pre-set free game as one of the choices of rewards, but what about Platinum? I'm about 50 away myself and I'm debating whether or not I should get a new game just to complete that. Thinking DKCR.

DKCR won't be worth the full 50 coins for much longer. Act fast.

Well, I did act fast. Got the game, got the full 50...

and found that I actually had 5 left. Whoops. Well, at the very least, I'll get the survey in time before the CN year ends and I'll have attained Platinum.
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