Something going down on 3DS later today?

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User Info: notmudkip

4 years ago#11
She said not to overhype yourselves so it's probably nothing.

User Info: DarkIVloon

4 years ago#12
GoldenSun3DS posted...
pratypus posted...
Who is that girl and how would she know?

Gotta get em' all, shmupmon!

User Info: FR432

4 years ago#13
GoldenSun3DS posted...
How long from now is 5PM PDT?

Anyways, I hope something doesn't go down on the 3DS, it's less than 3 years old! :(

Five hours. "Something going down" isn't bad, just that something is happening. A firmware update.

User Info: LethalX08

4 years ago#14
I think the girl works at nintendo... Everytime there is a new firmware i usually see a tweet from a woman with info on it... just can't remember if that's her or not.
3DS: 1504/5682/1682 PSN: LethalX08 Steam: lethalx08 Playing: FE awakening.
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