Reggie: Blame retailers for the lack of 3DS colors

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User Info: hiphops_savior

4 years ago#21
Reggie just pointed out that the nature of retail space doesn't allow for multiple coloured SKU. Misleading title.

User Info: GambitAce

4 years ago#22

its because they know NEW COLOR X will sell more units at Y point in the future.
how do you turn this on?

User Info: 90sRetroGaming

4 years ago#23
Seriously?. was All-Black and All-White TOO much trouble to include here in NA for the XL's. and don't give me that "well, they don't sell well here..." garbage.

That's all i hear from "actual" real people around me that either don't have a 3DS yet and want to immediately go for the XL or those who already have a regular 3DS and want to make the jump to the XL:

"Where's the black and where's the white XL's?"

"Do you have the black or white XL's in stock?.. when are they coming out?"

"I'm not buying an XL until both the black and the white XL's are released!"

"I refuse to buy an XL until either the black or the white XL's are made!"

"I hate the red and the blue XL's... what were they thinking releasing these instead of the black and the white ones?... black and white are standard for electronics... makes absolutely no sense..."

Yep, nobody wants these here... nobody's complaining and pushing for their official NA releases... nobody's been doing this since the first video of the XL's exsistance and since which colors were announced for each region last year... nope... just red and blue...
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User Info: Janus151

4 years ago#24
seriously!! where is my black 3DS XL!?!??!

that's the thing, all you hear is people wanting all-black or all-white 3DS XL, you never hear (much) people wanting the pink one, yet that's the one they put out >.<
I'm REAL tempted to start a petition for an all black 3DS XL...

User Info: poopooSpartan

4 years ago#25
reggie blames others when he doesn't prepare his body
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User Info: Roksu

4 years ago#26
RPGNinja123 posted...
Reggie loves blaming everyone else anyway. He had so many excuses for why they wouldn't initially release Xenoblade Chronicles when HE himself was the reason it wouldn't come to America cuz he didn't think it would sell.

How did the game do in Japan?
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User Info: neonick

4 years ago#27
So discontinue the DSi/XL and that will open up some more space for the 3DS XL to come in more colors.
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User Info: Dark_Link604

4 years ago#28
Like it or not, it does make sense. There's really only so much shelf space they can offer to multiple SKUs of the same thing
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User Info: esoteric42

4 years ago#29
Reggie did give a good response, but it is not the entire truth.

Reggie knows the 3DS XL is in huge demand right now.

He knows people that want an XL are going to buy one even if they hate the color.

Later, they will release colors they have known to been historically popular (basic black and basic white).

People will then trade in their old, ugly XL for the new one that they originally wanted.

The lack of XL SKUs does not explain the plentiful amount of original 3DS SKUs.

To him it sounds like shelf space and SKUs only matter in the world of the XL.

How many original 3DS colors do we currently have on shelves??

And as far as limited edition models go, Reggie knows these models can be sold at a premium due to their perceived rarity.

Reggie is ALWAYS looking at the bottom line first, and what the consumer wants at a distant second.

Iwata as CEO of NOA should change this to some extent as he seems primarily interested in a pleasurable gaming experience.
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User Info: Eric_Corona

4 years ago#30
I don't think this is an excuse. It could be true, because the only "dedicated" game store in the US that is most popular is Gamestop, and all the other stores (Walmart, Target, etc.) who sell different things, can't really have a lot of stuff for only games. So they do have to choose they're colors wisely, and try not to upset anyone. I mean, I still don't get why the other colors couldn't be Gamestop exclusives, but...I guess not even Ninty likes Gamestop.
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