How is the 3DS' share of shovelwares?

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User Info: Kelystic

4 years ago#1
I know the DS had a LOT of them.

From the release dates of the 3DS games (NA/JAP/EUR)

I think the 3DS titles lean towards quality than quantity. What do you think?

Also: What is the worst game you can think of on the 3DS?
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User Info: confettistorm

4 years ago#2
Angry Birds

User Info: oq7ster

4 years ago#3
Most of the games are great. I can't say anything bad about any game cause I only buy what I think I will like.
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User Info: Amphy23

4 years ago#4
Scribblenauts Unlimited is horrible, it reeks of "rushed." It has half-finished puzzles with frustratingly vague clues, and many of them are taken from previous stories. (Ex. there's a cat in boots, he wants you to remove his boots. Now where else does this occur...?)
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User Info: vectorman5

4 years ago#5
Wait until the original ds gets discontinued. Shovelware always gravitates towards the consoles that are cheapest to devellop for.
Last gen it was DS and Wii. Before that it was the ps2, then the ps1, the genesis, and so on.
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