No Xenoblade puzzle piece?

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User Info: skypunch

4 years ago#1
So instead of a Xenoblade puzzle piece or SS piece along with the recent update I was awarded an animal crossing new leaf puzzle piece...


User Info: skypunch

4 years ago#2

User Info: Salogy

4 years ago#3
Sounds like you didn't have the ACNL puzzle and you didn't get the spotpass data for the new puzzle when the new piece was being distributed. So you got a random piece from a puzzle you didn't have instead.

This happened to me when the LMDM puzzle came out, I got a Mario Tennis piece instead.
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User Info: Fibber_McGee

4 years ago#4
You're supposed to get a free piece when new puzzles are added?

I guess that means we didn't get the new puzzles yet in the US either.
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User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#5
No - if we do get them, they'll likely be included with the Streetpass Plaza update.
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