Has anyone ever played either of the DS Zelda games?

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  3. Has anyone ever played either of the DS Zelda games?

User Info: diving_devil46

4 years ago#11
See the DS Zelda games were my favourites since Windwaker.

I hated Skyward sword and Twilight Princess. Both of those games just didn't work for me, I never really got into the whole *motion-controls* vibe and it just made the games plain unfun.

I tried getting the gamecube version of TP but it was in such a limited print just couldn't for a reasonable price.

Now, that said as you can see I can appreciate if you can't get on with the controls then it can ruin the game for you, but I really loved how they used the touch-screen.

Was it better than just buttons? No. But was it any worse? Absolutely not in my opinion. It worked just as well and felt just as natural to me.

I also appreciated the art style of them a great deal.

User Info: Razieru

4 years ago#12
They're nothing more than remedial tech demo-esque pieces of crap that teach you how to play with your little stylus.
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User Info: AllHailDietmar

4 years ago#13
The Phantom Hourglass has an Action Replay cheat that allows you to control with the d-pad, it's not very good and plays better with the stylus. Getting this cheat to work on the 3DS requires some searching on Google.

I recently played through both games and enjoyed them thoroughly. Both are great games but, having played the Oracles right after them, the DS Zeldas are not nearly as good as the other games in the series. I would rank them above Zelda II and obviously the CD-i games but, not that far below everything else.
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  3. Has anyone ever played either of the DS Zelda games?

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