Where do you game on your 3DS?

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User Info: Second_Hokage

4 years ago#1
Where? - Results (216 votes)
Only inside my house.
34.72% (75 votes)
Mostly inside my house, sometimes outside my house.
57.41% (124 votes)
Only outside my house.
0% (0 votes)
Mostly outside my house, sometimes inside my house.
1.39% (3 votes)
About the same inside and outside my house
6.48% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Where is your 3DS gaming spot in your house? couch? bed in room?

Where do you take your 3DS to? job? school? trips?

User Info: lowell666

4 years ago#2
I play mostly inside my house. I try to play when I'm on the road someplace, but then I get car sick lol
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User Info: BerlingerT

4 years ago#3
I mostly game at home. Usually at the table or on the couch. I also game while I am at work. My supervisor doesn't care what we do if we are not on calls, so I can pick up the 3DS and play until I get my next call. I also play a bit, normally on my third break at work.
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User Info: Pork_buttonmash

4 years ago#4
@ home 4 now. I want a case b4 eye play it outcyde!

User Info: Fibber_McGee

4 years ago#5
I have a job working the overnight shift as a CNA in an Assisted Living Home. The residents are all mostly sleeping at night, so the job mostly entails a lot of sitting around trying not to fall asleep. Firing up ye olde 3DS works fine for this purpose, mostly. I've been picking up some DS games I missed and am enjoying 999, but that one, that one is not recommended when you're tired.

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User Info: PsychoWolfX

4 years ago#6
I only play inside.
If I leave the house, I am always doing something. I never really just sit around anywhere.

User Info: Jakerific44

4 years ago#7
Mostly inside, but sometimes outside.
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User Info: Shadow_Vortex

4 years ago#8
Only inside. I've never found a moment outside where I felt it was absolutely necessary to play.
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User Info: Apl_J

4 years ago#9
In my house or during extended travel
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User Info: CircleOfManias

4 years ago#10
Pork_buttonmash posted...
@ home 4 now. I want a case b4 eye play it outcyde!

Your spelling caused some minor brain damage.
Sick liaisons raise this monumental mark
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