So why are so many people bashing Project X Zone?

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User Info: Mattatron42

4 years ago#11
I'm pretty excited for this game, and I fully expect to be disappointed by the gameplay from what I've read. That being said it is all about the fan service for me. There are a lot of franchises that I love being represented in this game.
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User Info: so64

4 years ago#12
Shuo_Ragnarok posted...
The better question is, why should it matter what others think of the game you like/want to get? It's not like people "bashing" the game is going to make the game less enjoyable for you. People have a right to an opinion on these boards, whether it's positive or negative. The only ones you really should be looking out for are the ones who are bashing YOU for liking the game, not bashing the game itself. For every ONE negative comment about the game itself, there's a SWARM of people bashing the PERSON for disliking the game.

True, but mere bashing of the game would discourage people away from the game by creating a preconceived notion in the minds of potential consumers, making it less likely for potential sequels to be localized due to poor sales. Not to mention that it makes ones opinion look flat by not explaining why one dislike the game.
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User Info: Mindwipe77

4 years ago#13
i pre-ordered the game purely cause it has so many of my fav characters all in one game, it's like a 3ds collectible piece that may never happen again, plus limited edition.
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User Info: remylov

4 years ago#14
IAznDragonI Yan posted...
haters gonna hate. that's all there is to it

you can always trust a hater because they will always hate no matter what.

that said, i played the demo version and i kinda like it. its a rpg, flashy and ken and ryu and megaman are in it...... im sold ^_^
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User Info: Shadowstar108

4 years ago#15
JurassicBond posted...
Everything I've heard about it suggests that once the fan service novelty dies off, there's really not much else about it to enjoy. I may get it eventually, but I'm definitely not paying full price for it.

Same here. I've played the demo, mostly because I was excited to see Kite and Black Rose, and then Soma and Alisa after that. However, once the novelty wore off (and I realized that I only recognized about 6 characters in the whole demo out of 12 or so) I realized that it wasn't worth the buy for me. My friend preordered it yesterday and is super pumped for it, but he's going to play it for about a day, get bored with it, and go back to playing some other game the next day. What bothers me is that he does this all the fricking time...
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User Info: NettoSaito

4 years ago#16
RogueStriker posted...
abyss posted...
If you're going into the game expecting it to be awesome, you'll probably be disappointed.

That's from playing Namco X Capcom, which has great story/character aspects, but pretty terrible gameplay. From my understanding, Project X Zone hasn't really improved the gameplay.

(I'm still buying the game, but I'm not pretending there's not reasons to hate on it. And a lot of people are going to have a lot less sympathy for the game if they don't care about the characters/concept).

I'm getting it but I'm also not denying it REALLY plays the same and probably will get boring.
I admit I'm getting it for the fanservice.

But either way you look at it, it is STILL a TBS. In most TBS games you click attack, and watch a small scene; in this one you actually have something to do in battle.
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