So Many Games choice, need some opinion.

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User Info: Azarant

4 years ago#1
So I've got a free download due to the promotion and I'm struggling to decide which game to download. I own Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, AC and DK Country. I'm stuck between the rest.

Castlevania: Mirror of Fate
Lego City
Monster Hunter
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon

I'm pretty sure I won't like Pokemon MD as I've played one before and found it to be a poor dungeon crawler aimed at kids. I've never played Monster Hunter and am intrigued, but no online is a concern as I don't really have any local people to play with. I enjoy the Lego games, is Undercover an open world game? Also I loved the PS3 Lords of Shadow, but the reviews haven't been great
. I've got to decide by Sunday evening and I'm really struggling, help guys!!
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User Info: Da_GTA_Masta

4 years ago#2
A few of them have demos on the eShop you can try first!

User Info: keybladeXIII

4 years ago#3
I would definitely try the Monster Hunter demo before buying. I was buying into the hype and I love dinosaurs and stuff, but I felt like the game was really boring to me and not what I expected.

As for Pokemon MD, it seems like more of the same of the past ones, and it's even known as the worst of the series from what I've heard from fans of the previous games. Also has a demo.

LCU is open world, but it seems very average compared to it's superior Wii-U counterpart. Kinda like a cheap spin off but whatever.

I say if you liked Lords of Shadow, get Castlevania. I thought the demo was fun and the reviews didn't seem THAT bad. Sure the gameplay is different from LoS, but it still feels like a Castlevania game, and the 3D effects are pretty cool. That's my opinion.
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User Info: KiritoArt

4 years ago#4
Like the poster said above me there are some demos.

Castlevania: I personally really liked this game for the boss fights and the only thing I didn't like was the order you play the characters and the overall length of the game. I am minority of likeing this game apparently.

Pokemon: if you thought the last games were kiddy, this one is wayyy more kiddy and geared towards children. I say wait for x or y for your pokemon 3ds fix.

Lego City: Haven't tried this, but I hear it is open world but has framerate problems and "fog" covers the city to cover the draw distance. I do want to play this game.

Monster Hunter: People LOVE this game for its gear and slaying. I didn't like it on the Wii U...I guess I just couldn't get into it. I might try it again one day though.
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