The Official 3DS Date Topic Part 1: Your first date

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User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#1
<Welcome to the Official 3DS Date topic in which you get to date anything video as long as it he/she were in a 3DS Game.


So that will make sure that this topic is about some 3DS related. after that. Date him/her all you want.

Senario: You were playing the 3DS game the character was in and you falling in love with the character that you decite to date his/her.

You must Date the Character within one of the Setting of the 3DS game that character belongs in.

Here is an example to follow: I am play Super Street fighter 4 3D edition and i date Makoto. I must date her somewhere in one of the setting in Street Fighter 4. I could date her in East Asia: Old Temple, one of the stages in the game.

Remember to make your post in which you sate the character as long as possible for there can only be 500 topic before this topic ends. The Rules are in bold if you want to find them for they are a must to keep this topic on topic with the 3DS board.

What do you guys think about the fairy type?
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User Info: jedinat

4 years ago#2
I date princess peach brutally in her castle. She screams "Mario, Mario, MARIOOOO!!" but he proceeds to collect stars or some crap and shows up way too late.

User Info: aak57

4 years ago#3
May the world be mended

User Info: ilikepie641

4 years ago#4
mighty switch force, patricia wagon, any stage... dem hips
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User Info: oomomow

4 years ago#5
Jill from Resident Evil Revelations.
We dine and explore a Queen Zenobia without the zombies. She keeps talking about her work and her best bud Chris. She also insists that I go up the stairs before her. The day sucks.

The Boss / The Joy from Snake Eater 3D.
She keeps talking about this weird Snake thing. She also keeps talking about the War and her dead boyfriend. She always way too happy. She doesn't let me help her and I can't actually talk to her. The day sucks.

Jessica from Resident Evil Revelations.
We are on the not infected Queen Semiramis. She keeps making me pay for dinner. I have to constantly get her to pay attention to me and not Chris. At the end of the day, she shot me in the leg and sunk the cruise ship we were in. The day sucks.

Link from Legend of Zelda Four Swords Anniversary Edition.
Vaati's Palace.He never talks to me. He just keeps picking me up and throwing me in spikes and off cliffs. He also has these four friends that look like him playing pranks on me and stealing my Red 450, Green $20, and Blue $5 bills (Canadian money). They magically turn to these rupee gem things that he gives to this fairy girl person. There's three of them. The day sucks.

User Info: Pork_buttonmash

4 years ago#6
This is beyond sad.

User Info: MetaDeDeDe

4 years ago#7
East Asia: Old Temple

Sirch and Makoto are just arrived.

Sirch: Hello.

Makoto: Good Evening Sirch...are you trying to trick me?

Sirch: Trick You?. Why do you think that?

Makoto: Tell me the truth Mister!

:Sirch: All right, I just want to date you. That it.

Makoto: A Date...are you liing to me.

Sirch: No..i am not. Please listen. I just want to start off as your friend on this date.

(Makoto looked Sirch into his eye and fond out...he was telling the truth. She notice an attaction toward her.)

Makoto: So all this time you wanted to date me huh? If only you told in the first place, then this date would have gotten a better start. I'm Makoto but you already know me and you're Christopher.

Sirch: Yes it is.

Makoto: It is nice to meet you. You look a bit chuby but not too much that is hurt or anything like that are you a womanizer.

Sirch: No, I am actually a playwright.

Makoto: A Playwright? That's interresting. You seem to be friendly but you're not a fighter are you?

Sirch: Sadly i am not.

Makoto: If you are not a fighter, then why would you date me?

Sirch: It is because I find you to be someone special.

(Makoto looks at Sirch and find out that he has no fighting abillity at all but reconizes him for one of his Stageplays.)

Makoto: Wait a minute. Are you...the guy who wrote that antihuman trafficking stageplay?

Sirch: I am.

Makoto: The Stageplay is actually impressive and has a great story. I like how you added a bit a fantasy element in the script to add your own flavor into the mix. It's very easy to tell you style apart from most of the people in America. You seem to be seem to be more of a creative thinker and i like you for that. You seem to be someone who seem to be kinown for his creativity as opposed to his strength. YOu look a bit too weak but with me there you will alway be protected. This relation ship seem to be a bit of a paradox on the gender role but i won't as long as i can still compete in battle which is a good thing for there always has to be a balence in a loving relation ship. I think you need to brush up on your parenting ships a bit. I heard in your church that they are teaching the church goers how to handle kids and that will help you seem to be a bit feminine and i seem to be masculine. YOu could be the parent while i train in my dojo while you write your scirit and that will be great. All you need are some parenting skill and a good deal of cooking and you are prefect for me. Your hair is messy like mine and you lack a fasion sence lije i do. Your face is good and i can tell you take good care of it.

Sirch: Why thank you. Sadly i tried to shave my leg for i dislike the hair on my leg a lot, but the are boil for i am not too good at shaving.

(Sirch shows his leg.)

Makoto: Well your look aren't that great but by the look of it you have a good heart and is willing to tell the truth even if socitey is not willing to believe. YOu were a bit daring on telling the truth that the Holy Spirit was actually a woman and you had the fact to support it. You alway stand in what you believe in and that is what i like about you. Well is has been a good time see:

Sirch: You too. Good Night.

Makoto: Good night.

Oni: Not so fast.

Makoto: Oni!

(Oni burst out of the ground.)

Oni: Christopher, you are alway toying with your word to make you great but you are nothing but a farce. Die!

Makoto: Leave my husband alone!

Oni: We see about that:

___Continuted in next post____
What do you guys think about the fairy type?
Snorlax: This is delicious. Iris: O_O Charizard: Doe this mean i am in OU now? Pikachu: No es fake.

User Info: Fight_The_Power

4 years ago#8
And I thought I spent too much time in the house.
The JahMan hasn't gone anywhere.
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User Info: d0wner

4 years ago#9
MetaDeDeDe posted...
___Continuted in next post____

shoot the core.

User Info: systemblew

4 years ago#10
d0wner posted...
MetaDeDeDe posted...
___Continuted in next post____


^This. Keep your terrible fanfic where it belongs with all the other bad fanfictions.
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