Will you be taking advantage of the $30 promo?

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User Info: lanif

4 years ago#51
nope but I will be buying SMT4
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User Info: Tzuba12

4 years ago#52
Was already pretty excited for SMTIV, even though I've never played any of the previous titles or spinoffs. Then this promotion showed up and its just icing on the cake now.

Glad I bought Fire Emblem at launch. I almost didn't.
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User Info: lowell666

4 years ago#53
I'll be getting the $30 promo.

I almost missed out on it since I was debating on buying Fire Emblem used or new. Glad I went with new ^_^
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User Info: overmaxx

4 years ago#54
Already have FE:A and pre-ordered (and paid it full) SMTIV like months ago.

I would have to go back in time to miss this promotion, it's basically free $30 for me.
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User Info: ZBug_

4 years ago#55
LightHawKnight posted...
Halectic posted...
harrykid1 posted...
I'm afraid the 3ds is become more of a psp less and less everybodys casual console and more and more a console for hardcore anime gamers

It is a Nintendo system, expect 99% of the games to be from Japan

You do realize that both sony and nintendo are from Japan right?

Which is why there are similarities.
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User Info: HermeticJustice

4 years ago#56
EbonMagician posted...
Fight_The_Power posted...
This promo got me thinking about buying SMT IV when I had never even played a SMT game before (well, except for SMT for the Super Famicom, but it's not like I actually knew what the hell I was doing)

same. I mean, it makes the game pretty much 10$ since I plan to use the $30 on some other game anyways (if SMT is $40 in the digital version) wait. will there be a digital version on launch?

SMT IV costs 50$ on eShop, Awakening is only 40$ though

SMT IV will be available on launch on eShop during midnight or noon
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User Info: hyperdimeduck

4 years ago#57
Yup, either going to spend it on SMT dlc, or save it towards pokemon y.
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User Info: ArcXenos

4 years ago#58
how do I link my digital FE:A

Club nintendo is not recognising it

User Info: Dragard_Kaos

4 years ago#59
Yep, and it's all going to SMT IV DLC (if there's leftovers I'll get some FE:A DLC as well).
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User Info: Lord_Frood

4 years ago#60
I wasn't even planning on getting SMTIV, but I will now. And hey, even if I don't like it, I can sell it back for a hefty amount and get $30 extra, too.
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