Play Coins won't get all the new hats

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User Info: Ritster21

4 years ago#1
With play coins and weeks of shaking with Find Mii I and II, it was possible to get all the hats just using coins.

Sadly, with these new games, it is impossible.

Each ticket unlocks a new hat and each ticket can only be won once.

I saw in "Warrior's Way" that to earn one of the tickets, it says "Battle monarchs from afar 300 times."

That essentially means you have to streetpass 300 people for this.

In "Monster Manor", it is possible to get all the tickets with just coins, it seems.

In "Flower Town", they are all nearly "???" so I am not sure there.

In "Mii Force". they are all nearly "???" as well.

So it seems that in 3 of the games, it seems possible with just coins.

But "Warrior's Way", it seems not. You have to "Battle Monarchs from afar 100 and 300 times" to get 2 tickets.

So, without streetpass, it seems you will miss out on 2 hats.
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User Info: TendaShy

4 years ago#2
Thanks for the info. They should be putting out that update soon that makes streetpasses easier, so I'm not getting the games until I see if that will make streetpasses a regular thing for me (right now I get none, pretty much).
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User Info: Gamemaster64

4 years ago#3
I haven't finish the first two set of hats. It like collecting cards. I'm giving up. Especially I have to buy the dumb games to get these stupid tickets to get the stupid hats. The free hat? Pixel mario hat? oh it a mario hat pixellatted..nope it the 8 bit mario sprite floating on top of your head. Complete stupid.

The new bs is stupid. I'm not paying for the games, they should be free like the first two and puzzle swap. Also we shouldn't be getting puzzles for games that aren't on the 3DS. WTF do I want a puzzle of a Wii/U game?! Also Nintendo still haven't learn yet. STOP SENDING OUT BLUE PIECES!!!!!!!

One day one of these new puzzles, EVERYONE going to get a blue piece and no one going to be able to finish it.
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User Info: Ritster21

4 years ago#4

Without streetpasses (300 to be exact), you cannot 100% "Warrior's Way" and you can't get all of the hats.

Oh, I was wrong.

"Monster Manor" IS ALSO unbeatable without streetpasses.

One ticket says "Team up a total of 10 times" which means 10 streetpasses. That isn't too bad but you still need streetpasses.


"Warrior's Way"= 100 and 300 streetpasses

"Monster Manor"= 10 streetpasses

The other 2 games are unknown since most of the tickets are "???" but you can bet you will need some streetpasses there too.

So, while it does seem Play Coins does nab you the majoirty of tickets/hats, it won't get you them all.

At least 3, if not more, will be unobtainable without streetpasses.
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User Info: Ritster21

4 years ago#5
With "Warrior's Way", there are at least 6 tickets that require streetpasses.

6 hats that you can't get without streetpass.

"Monster Manor", there is at least 1 that you need streetpasses for.

1 hat that you can't get.

So at the very least with these 2 games, there are 7 hats that are unobtainable without streetpasses.

There are most likely even more with the other 2 games.
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User Info: Ritster21

4 years ago#6
Not including the hats you get for free by just buying the games, there are 22 tickets per game.

That means there are 88 tickets to earn. 88 new hats to get.

So, far you need streetpasses for 7.

81/88 hats with just play coins.

Possibly more with the other 2 games.

So, with just play coins, estimating, you will probably only be able to get high 60s to low 70s with just play coins,

69-ish to 79ish hats.

79 is the guess assuming at least 1 ticket requires streetpass for the other 2 games.

69 assuming at least 6 tickets requires steetpasses for the other 2 games.

High 60s to Med-High 70s with just play coins.
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User Info: zergslayer69

4 years ago#7
Very jealous of comic con people, they'll be making huge progress this month
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User Info: Ritster21

4 years ago#8

Even with play coins, it might be TOO MUCH.

"Warrior's Way" has a ticket that says "Assemble an army 1,000,000 strong".

With coins, you need 5 to hire 120 mercenaries.

Essentially, 1 coin pays for 24 of mercenaries.

By calculation, you will need 41,667 coins to hire 1,000,000 people for your army.

If you only walk and get 10 coins a day, it will take you 4167 days to get this.

That is OVER 11 YEARS!!!!!!!

And you can imagine all the shaking somebody has to do for this.
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User Info: Kira_Elric2

4 years ago#9
zergslayer69 posted...
Very jealous of comic con people, they'll be making huge progress this month

Pax Prime at the end of next month will be immensely better, as it's a gaming thing. The release of these puzzles/games couldn't have been better for me! (I live in Seattle so whether I get tickets to Pax Prime or not I can just sit in the lobby and rack up SPs. lol!)

User Info: Ritster21

4 years ago#10
Aside from the 10 streetpasses, "Monster Manor" seems to be the only one you can beat with Play Coins without a hassle.

You are going to need those 300 streetpasses and "good" streetpasses to assemble an army of 1,000,000 people.

If not, you have to walk for 11 years or shake until your arms become the most muscular arms ever to shake to 41,667 coins.
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