Opinion about the new Mii Plaza games

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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

4 years ago#11
I like the idea behind the games, but I'm still pissed that we can't do anything without spending Play Coins or Street Passing. I'm not even anywhere close to finishing Find Mii II and now I have 4 new games to crawl though at a snail's pace?

I bought all 4 games in the bundle regardless. The problems I have for the games could be solved simply by Nintendo allowing us to earn more than 10 Play Coins per day.
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User Info: Polarbaggi

4 years ago#12
Communist44 posted...
sasukexiin posted...
I'm all for new streetpass games, but I'm not paying $5 a piece or even $15 for 4 to get them. maybe if they were $1 each, but we aren't Japan, we don't streetpass a lot of people everyday.

imo they should be free or really cheap. not $5 each.

Maybe the Garden or the Warriors way game but Mii force and and the Haunted Mansion one are worth the $5

Wow it's been months since I streetpassed someone because I live in the Bahamas.
I decided to play my vita instead, I just don't like looking at the 3ds XL screen(with and without the 3d), the vita just looks better to -me-.
And the quality on the 3ds is weird, my old Dsi XL looks great compared to it. I am just not a 3ds person...
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