Can't decide between the posters or the MM OST :(

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  3. Can't decide between the posters or the MM OST :(

User Info: keybladeXIII

4 years ago#1
I have a few posters in my room and I really like them, and wouldn't mind to add a few more. The Wind Waker one looks amazing, the Luigi one is meh, and Im not a huge Pikmin fan but that poster is gorgeous. Plus all of the posters are pretty big so that's a good thing.

On the other hand, I HATED MM but I Iike the OST. I know a lot of people are getting the OST because they intend to sell it, but that's not my thing. I would just keep it, and I like the art and how the CD has Majoras actual Mask designed on it. Plus I'm a big video game music fan but I don't have any physical OSTs so this would be my first.

Grrrrrrrrrr, someone please help me decide!
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User Info: Nickcool1996

4 years ago#2
Flip a fair coin.

User Info: sentoworf

4 years ago#3
Only poster I like is the Windwaker one. The OST is alright and it would be nice to have another CD. I already have the Skyward Sword CD and I love Zelda music.
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User Info: ssjlinkx

4 years ago#4
The posters for sure. Majora is my favorite Zelda but most of its soundtrack doesn't stick in my head the other games. Plus there's a ton OST, and sound rips all over the internet and youtube. The CN just gives it a fancy packaging. The posters are actually unique.
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  3. Can't decide between the posters or the MM OST :(

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