Luigi's mansion seemed too long.

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  3. Luigi's mansion seemed too long.

User Info: DougyB

4 years ago#1
Kind of an odd sentiment but it started to drag. Plus the level based format made it feel like a lot of retreading.

Still fun, though.

User Info: Klon_Redfield

4 years ago#2
Felt the same... you're not alone.
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User Info: Evilmonster

4 years ago#3
first levels were fun. Then i saw what the game was about.

Felt the same.
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User Info: TheDreadedZero

4 years ago#4
Felt so long and repetitive i actually never even bothered to finish it : (
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User Info: KaitaNuva

4 years ago#5
I ebayed it midway through the 3rd mansion. I need to make time for Persona 4 and then SMT4.

Whatever, I got Starfox 64 3D for free out of buying it during the promotion.
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User Info: stargazer64

4 years ago#6
Yep! All the interesting stuff was in the first mansion. Then rinse and repeat.
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User Info: BeanBeanKingdom

4 years ago#7
It was just as long as it needed to be. Magnificent game.
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User Info: dextorboot

4 years ago#8
The level format is what's bringing it down for me. I understand why they did it, just think the nature of the game doesn't really allow for it. Otherwise I think it's an awesome game.

User Info: Jack_the_monke7

4 years ago#9
Wow, a lot of negativity in this topic. I loved Dark Moon and I certainly didn't think it was too long. It seemed to be just about the right length for what the gameplay and story were. Any shorter and it might have felt too short imo.
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User Info: crimsonclaw111

4 years ago#10
I liked Dark Moon a lot but I play it sparingly to avoid feeling burned out.
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