Is it worth it only for Pokemon?

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User Info: Makeveli_lives

4 years ago#21
For me yeah. But I've put at least 300 hours across each gen since gen 3.
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User Info: iGenesis

4 years ago#22
Nexevious posted...
Pokemon X/Y changes A LOT from B/W 2

Oh it does? That's news to me. You make the content; CBS makes the money |

User Info: Rankorr

4 years ago#23
stavrosyomafias posted...
Rankorr posted...
I never understand these questions. Why are you asking us? Are Pokemon games the end all, be all for you? Do you spend 99% of your time on Pokemon games over other games??? Is ~$200 or more for JUST Pokemon worth it to you??

If almost every response in this thread was a resounding, "NO," would you listen and not pick up a 3DS?

Not trying to harass, or sound like I'm "mad" at the topic question, these are legitimate questions I have. But I just never understand why people believe OTHER people can tell you the worth of something to YOU.

Maybe you don't understand it, but it really counts for me. So this is why I ask for your opinion, remember, it is a thread man. Even your opinion counts for me and I would like to read it.

About my time I spend, I have to play Pokemon for the last five years but I spent my 99% gaming time when I was a kid.

About if the money is worth for me, I don't know or I haven't decide so this is why I created that Topic, I didn't create it just to spent my time creatively.

And about Pokemon X and Y that they haven't released yet, remember that in my title and also in the rest of my topic I wrote about Pokemon generally.

Finally I think that someone is lot of fretful. And you should act more friendly on people who just asked for your opinion/help.

Appreciate the response.

Like I said, I'm not "mad" or upset, at the very least I'll admit, annoyed, I'll give you that. And again, like I said, they are legitimate questions. They are not rhetorical, or there to make you look stupid or anything. In fact, I'd love an answer to each of those if that's cool. Because honestly, I think those are what will determine if it's worth it or not.

I assure you I harbor no ill feelings towards you for a simple thread, though I understand my post seems upset with the frequent questions and capitalized words for emphasis. But really, you have to give me a little leniency----I can only respond to these same topics so many times before my writing gets the best of me.

I really meant what I said, that I've read dozens of these topics, and they ONLY annoy me because I feel like: 1.) I think worth of anything is only determined by eye of the beholder, and 2.) Most if not all of these threads I've seen, there can be 8/10 responses that the game or hardware in question sucks/isn't worth the price/whatever, and the TC purchases it anyways. Just feels like my opinion or help (In which is being requested) isn't valid at all.

TC I am a Pokemon fan, I won't say I've played them all though and can name more than the original 151 or so, but I like PKMN and will pick up PKMN X. However, let's say I really thought PKMN alone was not worth it, and I said, "Do NOT do it! Pokemon is okay at best, but not worth the 3DS investment put your money elsewhere!" Would you even have taken that into consideration? Or marked me as trolling? -___- That happens sometimes, which is just frustrating! Ha ha.

User Info: Rankorr

4 years ago#24
P.P.S. --- I'd also like to point out, that only 3-4 people actually straight up said, "yes," while the rest basically said what I said, "Buy it if you think it's worth it." Just with much less effort.
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