Sega 3D Classics coming to North America soon

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User Info: Monkmaster79

4 years ago#31
I need Streets of Rage!! Sega, you sexy awesome.
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User Info: sonic_brawler95

4 years ago#32
This is great news. I'm, of course, really interested in 3D Sonic the Hedgehog. :)
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User Info: Akira1256

4 years ago#33
Ghetsis posted...
The Master System version isn't actually a simple port. Played a lot differently from the original arcade game.

At least they had some other more 'correct' ports on other systems (like the Commodore 64).

If I recall correctly, Quartet 2 was just a mod of the original Quartet with the ability to select your character rather than your character being locked to your player slot (as in The Simpsons.)

Yeah... there were more Quartet 2 machines around here than the original, so I reflexively add the '2.' :| Quartet 2 also only allows for two-player simultaneous play, as opposed to four on Quartet.

It'd probably be interesting to see how they would implement the multiplayer for a 3D version, if at all.

( I'm wishing I had bought that Quartet 2 cabinet, again... -_-)

As for the Streets of Rage games... I wouldn't mind, but if they did release 3D versions of the second and third games, I'd hope they didn't use the censored version of Streets of Rage 3. :/
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User Info: cador

4 years ago#34
90sRetroGaming posted...
Again, how is the 3D effect in these games as far as depth and pop-out goes?

Lets hope some videos come out. I hope that Galaxy Force II and Space Harrier and maybe Altered Beast is based on the vastly superior arcade version.
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User Info: ecco6t9

4 years ago#35
It would be awesome if some hit next week.
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User Info: Scutchington

4 years ago#36

Man, I can't wait!
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User Info: SillySkeleton

4 years ago#37
Super excited Sega's bringing us these classic Genesis games.
Super angry that Nintendo hasn't so much as announced any classic Snes games.
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User Info: danielcadarn

4 years ago#38
MegaMettaur posted...
Hopefully all 3 Sonic games get this treatment, and all 3 streets of rage games (Namely SoR 2). All we need now are the classic Phantasy Stars and Shining Force. *_*

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