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User Info: zoogelio

4 years ago#21
I've played all of 'em. They get progressively better from MM3-5, with MM5 being one of the best 8-bit MM games out there (you get rematches against the Stardroids *and* the Mega Man Killers, including Quint, who was ignored in MM10, fight 9 new Stardroids, a new Yellow Devil, some cool stages). Mega Man 1 & 2? People seem to like MM1 more but I found it brutally hard, badly designed in places. It does have a cool Ice Man stage though. I enjoyed MM2's gameplay and stage design more even though the music sounds like it was composed on a tinny phonograph or something. The horrid sound is why MM2 seems to be hated by most. It is significantly easier than MM1 though. The difficulty goes back up (but not to hard levels) for the rest of the Game Boy series.

The fun part about the series is sometimes hard NES bosses become easy GB bosses and sometimes easy NES bosses become hard GB bosses.

User Info: Amakusa

4 years ago#22
mjc0961 posted...
I have the first one that's already on Virtual Console and it really sucks. I haven't played the others so the first is my least favorite by default, but still, unless the others are just as bad, it will probably stay that way.

...They would have improved the later games, right?

The second one is even worse, like you wouldn't believe.

The fifth one is the best that you wouldn't even remember how bad the first two were.
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